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Internet marketing funnels have been used for many years now. However, in the past is was mostly seasoned internet marketing experts or large corperations who have been using them in their business.

Over the recent years this has all changed as a multitude of sales funnel software solutions have been released onto the market. As such, the trend of using a sales funnel has skyrocketed.

What Is a Sales Funnel

A Sales funnel is a process a company sets up in order captcher leads (or potential customers) and then to move those leads through a very specific set of sequences with the goal of converting those leads to a sale and then to a repeat buyer.

Most sales funnels operate by using a lead magnet, which is usually a free gift of some kind that the company offers to a person in exchange for their email address. Once the email is given, the new prospect is either then sent a series of emails over time with relevant offers or the new prospect is instantly lead to an offer after the opt-in process and will then also receive a series of emails form the company over time.

Email marketing is a big part of the sales funnel process. Savvy marketers aim to build trust and rapport with the people who join their email list. They primarily do this by offering lots of valuable and helpful content to the people on their list.

Over time, the prospect will also be sent or informed about relevant offers that they may like to purchase. These offers may be products and services directly owned by the company or they may be products that the company is recommending. If the prospect purchases the recommended product, the company will then receive an affiliate commission for promoting or recommending the product to the folks on their email list.

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Some of the most popular online sales funnel software on the market today are;

  • LeadPages
  • Builderall
  • ClickFunnelsTM
  • Infusionsoft
  • Instapage

Benefits of using a sales funnel

Sales funnels work to streamline the way a business both gathers new customers and converts those customers into sales. There a several benefits for a business using a sales funnel. These include;

  • An effective way to collect new leads
  • Increases the conversion rate of a customer
  • Helps to establish trust and rapport
  • Helps to close deals quickly and in a cost-effective way
  • Provides a clear view of where the prospects are in the sales process

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