The Perfect Webinar Review

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner planning to sell your products and services on the internet?

If you want to absolutely crush it online then one of the most effective ways to sell your products is by using webinars.

However, you may already be aware that there is an art to running a webinar that will actually make sales.

While many people set up a webinar with the hopes of making a load of sales at the end, only a very small portion of webinars “actually” sell a product effectively.

But don’t worry, master internet marketer Russell Brunson has the secret webinar code that is responsible for many of his students becoming millionaires.

If you also want to have this kind of success then I highly recommend you grab Russel Brunson’s free Perfect Webinar Script.

If you want to know more about it then here in this article I’m going to tell you everything you need to know and exactly what you get with The Perfect Webinar.

What is the Perfect Webinar?

The Perfect Webinar is a training course that was created by Russell Brunson. It gives you a formula or framework that you can use to create high-value webinars that will maximize your potential sales.

The perfect webinar gives you access to free scripts.

These scripts will enable you to be precise in planning what to say, when to say it and even “how” you should say it.

Russell’s webinar script gives you access to a membership area that has various in-depth training videos.

Once in the member’s area, you can also download the scripts so you can have them to hand while you’re planning and even running your webinar.

Who is Russell Brunson?

If you’re using a sales funnel for your business, are using ClickFunnels, or have been involved with internet marketing for more than five minutes you’ve probably already heard of him.

Russell Brunson is among the most successful online entrepreneurs and marketers around today.

He is the co-founder of Etison LLC, the SaaS company that launched the famous Clickfunnels Software. He is also the brains behind the sales funnel software company, ClickFunnels.

According to Forbes, Russell Brunson has built a $360 million business, which he completely self-funded.

He has also written massively popular books such as DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and the Funnelhacker Cookbook, among others.

Russell is also one of the greatest developers of effective webinars.

In 2018, he made a presentation at the 10X Growth Conference and made sales of over $3,000,000 within just one 90 minute presentation.

If you want to see this master presenter at work then you can watch the 10X Growth Con presentation here for free.

If you are an online marketer or public speaker, you will find the presentation massively resourceful, inspirational, and motivating.

He has unique strategies that you can use to sell any kind of product or service effectively on the internet. He also conducts training to help you implement his strategies step-by-step.

What Do You Get When You But The Perfect Webinar?

Perfect Webinar Script

Russell developed the famous script after having conducted numerous webinars and sales presentations. He has made millions of sales courtesy of this exact same webinar script.

Just like Brunson, you can use the script whenever you want to pitch a product, speak through a webinar or train an audience.

You can use this specific script to organize what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.

The script on average brings Russell in over $1 million from each webinar, and you too can use it to skyrocket your business.

If you want a hardcopy of the script then you’ll be pleased to hear the script is free. However, you will be required to pay a $5 shipping fee. The fee covers the cost of delivering a physical copy of the script and the training video.

The Perfect Webinar Up-Sells

The Perfect Webinar sales funnel has two up-sells. They include:

The Perfect Webinar Slides

You will have access to PowerPoint and Keynote files. The slides are similar to what Russell has used repeatedly to make his Perfect webinars.

I highly recommend you grab the slides as they will save you a lot of time. They have an inbuilt script and you do not have to set up new slides from scratch.

The slides have various benefits. They include:

They present all the critical concepts that help to make a successful webinar within 90 minutes. Therefore, you will have fewer questions and queries from your audience and make it more likely they will buy your product.

The framework is designed in line with your target audience. It takes care of both the interests and convenience of your audience.

They help to transfix your viewers to your webinar and will help them to learn a lot from your presentation.

The script has been built within the slides. This enables your audience to continue watching videos without having to start all over again. Therefore, you’ll get more people who actually stay until the end of your presentation.

There is also live training based on each slide. This will help your audience to implement whatever they will learn from you.

The slides are arranged in a sequence. This will help you to present your information step-by-step, which makes it comprehensible.

The slides are very affordable at only $47. You will have the opportunity to get them when you buy The Perfect Webinar.

To begin selling, you just need to add information about your product or service and you’re good to go.

The Perfect Webinar Training

Russell offers 3 hours of training on how to create a successful webinar.

The training is split into parts for your convenience.

In the training, Russell divulges all the secrets that have helped him make high-ticket products that have brought him in well over 6 figures from a single webinar.

The first part of the training is about the PowerPoint and Webinar Script.

The second part is on the course is all about the perfect funnel. This part of the training will give you information on the exact webinar strategy he uses.

You will learn about the funnel, the follow-up, the logic behind it as well as the why and how, among other things. Basically, Russell will teach you exactly how he thinks when it comes to creating successful webinars.

This upsell costs $297. You will also get a copy of the Funnel Hacks webinar funnel when you purchase this offer.

Is The Perfect Webinar for Everyone?

If you sell any product or service online, you need The Perfect Webinar.

You can make use of a high-value webinar to increase revenue and sales for your client services, software, online courses, ebooks, or affiliate products.

The training is suitable for beginners and experts. So, if you are an affiliate, network marketer, an online or offline seller, this webinar strategy can get you several high ticket clients every month if done right.

Key Features of the Perfect Webinar

  • It is free
  • You gain access to a script and step-by-step video tutorials on how to implement
  • You will get The Perfect Webinar share funnel
  • A physical copy and DVD will be shipped to your address at only $5
  • You can apply it to any kind of business
  • You will maximize your profits. You can make more money within a day by selling high-ticket products. Therefore, the profit can be a lot higher compared to selling products in other ways
  • The system works for you, you don’t need to do the selling
  • 100 clicks per day are all you need to make this a reality
  • You can automate your webinar if you already have ClickFunnels
  • Help and support is available

Why You Need To Have Webinar Scripts In your Business

The following are reasons why you should get yourself a copy of The Perfect Webinar:

  • High conversions
  • A webinar is a critical component of your sales funnel. It can help you convert your blog readers or contacts in your email list
  • No hard-selling
  • With the perfect webinar formula, you will be able to sell to your potential clients without having to put in too much work and effort
  • You will be able to provide enough value in a way that will enable your prospects to take the next step
  • Good for high-ticket sales
  • A webinar is a powerful strategy of adding high-ticket sales to your marketing funnel
  • It is comprehensive

Russell has been using webinars for a long time. Therefore, he has a firm grasp of what your prospects are wanting when they attend a webinar.

He pours out all his knowledge into the videos making sure everything is clear and laid out for you to utilize effectively.

You will not find an alternative that is as detailed or as effective as this.

His training will leave you ready to take action. This is undeniably a plus point to keep in mind.

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Well-written scripts

Everything on the scripts is clear and comprehensible. So, you will have an easy time strategizing as you craft your webinar around his script. The content and videos are also very professionally put together.

Modernized content

The scripts have brand new information that you’re yet to see in the market. This is because Russell Brunson is always ahead with his strategies.

So, the detailed videos have modern content on what you need to do to succeed.

Availability of offline and physical content

You will have access to your online and offline content. You will be able to retain a physical copy that you can use offline. The physical copy will be delivered to your physical location within a week or so.

You will have access to the online content immediately your payment goes through.

Round the clock customer care

The support team for The Perfect Webinar is also excellent. They have ready-made answers to all your questions. Therefore, you will be able to implement the information immediately. If for whatever reason you have a question that they have not already covered in their detailed Q&A section, you can always reach out to them directly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wanting to catapult your next product launch and crush the sales with a webinar then The Perfect Webinar is a must-have.

Russell has had immense success perfecting webinar scripts and strategies. Now you can also tap into his success by using the exact same script that has made him millions of dollars online.

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