The One Funnel Away Challenge – Is It a Scam??

There’s been a lot of talk about the new training program organised by well-known internet marketer Russell Brunson and the folks at ClickFunnels™, called the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Nowadays, when it comes to anything “internet marketing” related it is wise to be a little cautious before jumping in feet first.

If you’re reading this then the likelihood is you’re trying to find out if the One Funnel Away Challenge is a scam or if it’s legit.

I did sign up for the OFA Challenge back in March 2019. So, here I’m gonna share my thoughts with you on the 30 Day Challenge.

Is The OFA Challenge a Scam or Legit?

What Is The OFA Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge, also known and the OFA Challenge or the 30 Day Challenge, is an intensive training program organised and run by successful online marketer Russell Brunson and his ClickFunnels team.

Accompanying Russell in teaching the training are two of his most successful colleagues, Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian.

The Challenge is run over a 30 day period and promises to teach you everything you need to know to choose a niche, create a product, build a funnel and start driving traffic into your funnel so you can start making sales.

The Challenge is designed for both newbies and experienced internet marketers. However, since going through the Challenge myself and having around six years of experience working online, I can tell you that it is intense to try to get all the tasks done within the thirty days.

While they do give you training on choosing a niche and building an offer quickly, I would advise being clear on the niche you want to work in and the product or products you want to promote before the Challenge starts as it seems that this is the part where most people can come unstuck.

If you’ve already got this part nailed down or if you’re already running a business, you just want to create an irresistible offer, build a funnel and start driving traffic to it then you’re going to find it so much easier.

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Why Some People Might Think It’s a Scam

While I do not think the OFA Challenge is a scam at all, I can see two reasons why a person might think that it is:

Scam Reason 1:

The Challenge is run over a thirty day period with the intention of getting all those who sign up to be able to create an offer, build a funnel, launch it and start driving traffic within the time frame.

While this is quite a big ask for most people, it is more than possible if a person dedicates the time and attention to getting all the tasks done.

Each day a new training video and mission is released. However, at the end of the thirty days, you lose access to all the training videos in the Challenge. This is one part where I thought that some people might, therefore, think it’s a scam.

However, the reason they do this is to push you to actually get the tasks done rather than procrastinating on them and putting them off until another day, which might never come.

In my opinion, the training is extremely high quality and is pretty much everything you need to know to launch a successful business online. Since they’re offering the course for only $100 I definitely do not agree that it’s a scam.

The bonuses alone that you get when you sign up for the Challenge are also worth way more than $100.

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Scam Reason 2:

When you take the Challenge, at some point you will need to start building a funnel and to do that, you will need to sign up for a 14-day trial account with ClickFunnels.

So, some people might think that it’s just a scam to get you signed up for ClickFunnels™!

While it is, of course, true that one big reason then is running the Challenge is to get people to sign up for ClickFunnels, they do also fully intend on doing everything they can to help you be successful.

The reason is, if they can make you successful with their methods using ClickFunnels™ then chances are you’re gonna keep using their software for the long-term and may even buy other products that they offer.

So, does this make it a scam..?

In my opinion, no, that’s just good marketing and is actually creating a win, win for you and them.

The level of training offered in this Challenge is probably worth a few thousand dollars by itself. Then, when you add on all the bonuses you also get when you sign up, they’re probably also worth close to one thousand dollars by themselves.

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Final Thoughts

So, is the One Funnel Away Challenge a scam..?

Even though I didn’t manage to finish the Challenge myself (due to not being clear on my offer from the beginning and also having a number of personal events happening over the scheduled thirty days, which caused me to misjudge how much time I would need to dedicate to it), I still do not think it is a scam.

ClickFunnels™ are offering massive value with this offer. Even though I did not complete the challenge, I feel I got way more value than the $100 I paid from going through the training videos, the 30 Day Summit videos and all the other bonuses that come with the course.

Personally, I am planning to take the Challenge again later in the year. However, next time I am going to to the following ahead of time:

  • Clear my diary of all social commitments for the 30 Days
  • Choose my niche and offer before the Challenge starts (already done)
  • Start creating my offer and products

While I have heard of a number of people having success with the Challenge on their first try, it seems that the majority of people succeed on their second or third try.

So, don’t lose heart if you don’t make it on the first go. At such a crazy low price of $100, it means that most people will be able to afford to go through the Challenge for a second time.

And for those who can’t afford to do it a second time, if you fall behind on the training, don’t worry. Still going through all the videos over the thirty days to learn the strategies, take notes and then implement in your own time.

You don’t have to launch your business at the end of the thirty days if you’re not ready. Just put your offer together, create your funnel and launch when you’re ready to go.

So, what do you think, is the One Funnel Away Challenge a scam or legit? Let me know in the comments below.

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