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Funnel Builder Secrets Bonuses – What’s Included

Like most of Russell Brunson’s products, people are wondering if there are any bonuses included in the Funnel Builder Secrets training package.

While Russell is known for offering an insane amount of high-value bonuses when promoting his products, he kinda does and he doesn’t with this offer.

The reason is this course is ridiculously good value all by itself. However, there is also a great bonus, depending on how you look at this. Let me explain…

What Bonuses Come With Funnel Builder Secrets?

If you’ve been thinking to buy Funnel Builder Secrets, you’re no doubt aware of the amazing value it offers, especially for the price.

Once you watch the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar you’ll quickly recognize just how much this new package can do for your business.

If you haven’t yet watched the webinar then I highly recommend you do so now. Besides finding out about this package, you will also learn some top-level marketing secrets that people just don’t teach anywhere else.

While at first glance it can seem like an expensive purchase, it is actually ridiculously cheap when you look at how much each thing offered in the package will actually cost you if you purchased them separately.

Six months of access to the ClickFunnels™ Enterprise Account alone will cost you $1,782, which is nearly the full cost of the lowest price option for the entire course.

If you’re savvy and are planning to buy the course at the best value price of $2,997 then not only are you saving $567 on the twelve-month subscription of ClickFunnels™, you, of course, get all the other products that are included for free. It’s insane!

So, in one way you could say that the cost of either $1,997 or $2,997 covers your six or twelve-month subscription to the ClickFunnels™ Enterprise Suite, but you also get all the other products as a bonus.

So, basically, looking at it this way, you get the following for free:the complete Funnel Builder Secrets package

  • Access to Funnel Hacks Masterclass (Lifetime)
  • Access to Funnel Builder Secrets Training (Lifetime)
  • Access to Traffic Secrets (Lifetime)
  • 12 months access to Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnel Bonus

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If traffic is your main issue at the moment then here’s how to buy Traffic Secrets at the best price.

What is the Unlimited Funnel Bonus?

The other way you could look at it is, when you buy the Funnel Builder Secrets package you get the above courses and twelve months access to Funnel Scripts and the unlimited funnel bonus is your bonus.

Before I bought the course I didn’t know what the unlimited funnel bonus was. If you’re reading this then chances are you may not know either.

So, here’s what this bonus is all about…

Ordinarily, if you were to sign up for the standard ClickFunnels™ plan for $97 then you can only have a max of twenty funnels in your account at any one time. This includes any funnels you build yourself and also any share funnels that you may have acquired from other people.

While twenty funnels are plenty for some people, and yes, this does sound like a lot, but trust me, you’ll soon reach your twenty funnel limit, especially if you are also using share funnels.

The alternative is to upgrade to the Enterprise Suite at $297. On this plan, you can have up to seventy funnels in your account.

Now, seventy funnels definitely sound like a lot…

However, if you’re either planning on becoming a funnel building Jedi master or if you want to build and sell funnels to other people either directly to your clients or on the Funnel Rolodex then you’ll need plenty of funnel space.

If you’re planning to launch multiple products and run A/B split testing or if you’re planning to promote ClickFunnels™ as an affiliate and use the share funnel option to entice people to sign up for an account under you then at some point you will reach your seventy funnels limit.

If you’re planning to work with anyone (or more) of the above-mentioned business models then you’re also going to want (and need) all the other awesome training offered in the Funnel Builder Secrets training package anyway. (And yes, it is awesome!)

So, when you buy this package you will also be able to benefit from the unlimited funnel bonus, which means you can have an unlimited amount of funnels in your account.

Funnel Scripts Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

My Funnel Scripts review pictureEntrepreneur’s Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards have created a new push-button software product that allows the average Joe (or Josephine) to create their own sales copy without having to spend years learning how or spend a fortune to pay a pro.

But how good is it?

Since I’ve bought the product myself, here in my Funnel Scripts review I will break it down to see if it really is as good as people say.

The Copywriting Secrets book which accompanies FunnelScriptsCopywriting is a hard-earned skill and takes years to master.

Because of this, copywriters can charge thousands of dollars for a single piece of sales copy, which leaves the little guy in between a rock and a hard place.

This is where Funnel Scripts come in.

So, what exactly are Funnel Scripts you might ask?

It’s a very powerful software program that produces copywriting scripts at the touch of a button. It’s a heaven-sent for business owners, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers.

If you’re a user, the software program allows you to select a specific type of script, be it a sales letter, an email, a headline or even a Facebook ad, fill in a few details about your product, service and demographic and hey presto!

It spits out near perfect sales copy that you can edit, cut, and paste.

The program is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards and is the sister company of ClickFunnels, which is owned by Brunson.

Personally, I think it is awesome and I do now use it in my own business.

However, in this review, I will give you the nitty-gritty of Funnel Scripts, so you can make a decision for all our own reasons if it is right for you.

If you can’t wait to read this review and you wanna check out Funnel Scripts for yourself now, then you can get a Funnel Scripts free trial here so you can see it in action.

How To Use Funnel Scripts

Before we get into the specifics, I will explain how to use Funnel Scripts.

When I initially used the tool, I was astonished that the software program is entirely web-based, which means you don’t even need to download it.

Also, it is extremely easy to use and all you need to do is insert some information and the program does the rest for you.

Basically, you just have to select the kind of script you want and submit the relevant details. Once you finalize your choices, the script is prepared in no time.

Funnel Scripts is a practical solution and users can avoid the massive headache (and expense) of creating scripts from scratch.

Within minutes, the application delivers highly impactful sales copies, call to actions, email scripts, webinar scripts, headline and subject lines and so much more.

Furthermore, if you buy Funnel Scripts, the product contains several short training videos and tutorials, which enables you to master the software in no time.

Is Funnel Scripts Worth It?

The most important question I had when I was first introduced to Funnel Scripts was if it was actually worth purchasing. Having used it, I can safely say the answer is an emphatic yes!

Quite frankly, Funnel Scripts is a game-changer because it enables users to improve their product conversions instantly.

I speak from personal experience that Funnel Scripts can be used to develop sales copies successfully in a matter of minutes.

FunnelScripts Benefits

By now, you’ve probably already gathered that this software program can do quite a bit for you and your business.

Here, I’ve broken down all the pros of using it.

Saves Time

Like I alluded to earlier, it only takes a few clicks before a draft is ready for use.

Users can acquire their first draft in a matter of minutes. For example, if you need to create a sales page, all that is needed is to insert relevant details like keyword topics, demographic info and a few other specifics and Funnel Scripts will generate the script.

Typically, the tool provides me with a draft in a few minutes and saves the hassle of creating a script from scratch.

I no longer need to worry if my sales copy is doing its job or waste hours of time tweaking it.

FunnelScripts Free Trial

The first time I used Funnel Scripts, I had already spent money on other tools that I needed to use in my business and was, therefore, a bit reluctant to buy it immediately.

I knew I needed it, I was just on a tight budget. I also wanted to learn more about it first.

Fortunately, while doing research, I discovered that Funnel Scripts offers a fourteen-day free trial.

I took advantage of the fact and quickly realized how effective and efficient the software was.

Having said that, the product is currently on special offer at a one-time purchase price for a limited time so I’d highly recommend grabbing it now while the offer is still available.

Assortment of Scripts

Funnel Scripts price for producting great sales copy yourselfAnother awesome feature of Funnel Scripts is the massive number of scripts that are available.

Some examples include sales scripts, video sales letter scripts, advertisement scripts for Facebook ads, webinar slide scripts, email newsletter scripts, and opt-in scripts, to name but a few.

The software literally has EVERY AREA of your business covered!

Having so much variety at your disposal means that you’ll never have to pay extravagant fees to a pro copywriter and you will never have to worry about having bad copy that does nothing for your product.

If you wish to optimize details such as your customer and target niche, it can be done with ease.

In addition, Funnel scripts enable you to tailor your scripts according to your customer’s individual needs.

You can answer queries like what your customers require, what issues they face, and provide them with the right solution.

An exhaustive list of scripts to choose from makes the copywriting side of your business not only simple but fun!

When you buy the software, you can get to work and peruse through a plethora of templates and let your imagination run wild!

Funnel Scripts Price

Funnel Scripts use to cost $497 per year. However, the new Funnel Scripts price for 2020 is a one-time payment of $797. This gives you lifetime access to the software.

This discounted price also comes with unlimited scripts, updates, and live monthly copywriting webinar classes with co-creator and master copywriter, Jim Edwards.

Considering the massively high cost of paying for professional copy, buying Funnel Scripts is an absolute steal.

Since this software can save you so much time and money, the 2019 price is still a good deal. However, the one-time lifetime price is an absolute no brainer if you need to create high converting sales copy.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll immediately know that this is a fraction of the cost of employing a copywriter.

Funnel Scripts will allow you to essentially bypass the middle man and get the copywriting done yourself or in-house by one of your team members.

Copywriting Training Videos

Have you ever used software and come unstuck? Do you find yourself browsing the internet for tutorials or watching YouTube videos for clarity?

Don’t worry, Funnel Scripts solves this predicament as well!

An exciting feature of Funnel Scripts that came in handy when I started using it where the training videos that are included. There are numerous videos that are also frequently updated.

This attribute definitely makes the package more comprehensive and a must-have for business owners and entrepreneurs.

That’s not all though: as I mentioned earlier, Jim Edwards, co-creator, conducts live monthly coaching sessions too when you buy Funnel Scripts at the one-time offer price.

The co-founder oversees real-time conference calls and provides tips for users on how to make your sales copy absolute dynamite.

More Funnel Scripts Functions

The program is comprised of four downloadable scripts wizards, namely The Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Study Wizard, and the Celebrity, Story, Service Wizard respectively.

The current crop of scripts includes an Amazon.com e-commerce product script, Testimonial Script as well as a Facebook Advertisements Script which enables users to create 3 separate versions of an ad based on cold, warm and hot traffic!

Funnel Scripts Reviews

Once the script is ready, users can make reviews and edit the script if is not quite how you want it. While it’s a pretty powerful piece of software, it is, after all, still only a computer program. You may need to tweak your copy here and there before making it live.

It’s super easy to edit your scripts and you can even save them into your library within your own member’s area and come back to it later if you prefer.

What I don’t like about Funnel Scripts

Having used Funnel Scripts, I did notice a few flaws as well, albeit minor ones.

Proofreading Required

Every now and then, I had to proofread the content that was created by Funnel Scripts. I took it in my stride but other users may find that somewhat tedious.

It doesn’t take much time at all though to read through your copy and tweak it here and there. I guess it is a bit much to expect it to be absolutely 100% perfect every time. It is, after all, just a computer!

Beta Mode

Additionally, since the program is in beta mode, there are slight issues that arise here and there. However, bug fixes are carried out quickly before it becomes a major concern.

Information Overload

Although I knew what to expect, I imagine that users who are less tech-savvy may have reservations about Funnel Scripts and they might consider it overwhelming when they start using it.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of Funnel Scripts far outweigh potential lapses and for my money, it’s an absolute no brainer and a steal at the special offer price.

So, would I recommend Funnel Scripts? The answer is definitely a resounding yes!

For those still in doubt, imagine the alternative: hiring an expensive copywriter and paying them thousands of dollars, for each script!!

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t doing that when there’s a powerful piece of kit like Funnel Scripts that can take care of the job for me at a fraction of the price.

I’d rather just pay a small chunk of that amount, forego the middleman and buy Funnel Scripts, which is exactly what I did.
I firmly believe Funnel Scripts is a progressive software that is an obligatory purchase for anyone involved in a business, and online marketing who are actually serious about their business.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, Funnel Scripts is the all-purpose solution that anyone can use.

The New Funnel Scripts Webinar – What You Need To Know

Funnel Scripts Webinar: What You Will Learn...

  • The #1 Reason Your Funnel Isn’t Converting…
  • Why You Don’t Have To HIRE An Expensive Copywriter…
  • Why You Don’t Have To BECOME A World Class Copywriter Yourself…
  • How You Can Get All Your Scripts, Emails, Webinar Slides, Ads And Sales Letters Written In Less Than 10 Minutes...

Funnel Scripts Webinar with Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards

The new Funnel Scripts webinar is here and it provides some great copywriting training for free.

Funnel Scripts is fast becoming one of the most popular sales copy generators online today.

Created by copywriter, Jim Edwards, and internet marketing master Russell Brunson, Funnel Scripts is an associated company of ClickFunnels.

While the copywriting software is marketed for sales funnels you can use it for absolutely any part of your business.

So, basically, you can use Funnel Scripts to write copy for your funnels, website, webinar slides, your marketing emails and your ad headlines to name but just a few.

Funnel Scripts is a pretty powerful piece of kit. It pretty much has a dedicated section for every type of sales copy you could possibly need to be written.

Now, Russell and Jim have released a ninja Funnel Scripts training webinar to give you a massive edge over the competition.

In the training, you will get a deeper understanding of the importance of effective sales copy and how you can create it super fast without having to pay for an expensive copywriter of busting a brain cell trying to write it yourself.

People who are having the most success online have dynamite copy backing up their offers so I highly recommend taking advantage of this free training while it is still available.

The Funnel Scripts Webinar – What’s It All About?

The Copywriting Secrets book which pre-seeds Funnel Scripts You may have heard that at the end of May 2019, ClickFunnels and the Funnel Script team released a free training webinar all about Funnel Scripts.

So why did they do this, and what is the new Funnel Scripts webinar all about?

Russell and Jim are so passionate about their creation that they are trying to let more people know about it.

While the copywriting software is easy to use, the user interface has a lot going on, mainly due to the vast functionality that it offers.

Inside Funnel Scripts, Jim Edwards has recorded a short “how-to” video in each section.

However, it’s pretty simple, you basically just feel in your info by answering a few questions, press a button, and presto! It spits out your words transformed into a killer sales copy.

So, why the need for the webinar? <img role=

Well, besides giving a walkthrough of the capabilities of the copywriting software, Russell and Jim also wanted to give detailed training on how to create effective sales copy.

They share insights into the way master copywriters think so you can craft sales copy that is absolute dynamite.

When you attend the webinar training you will also learn about a lot of tried and tested sales copy that has been proven to work. They also share different methods of writing your copy effectively for different audiences, how to attract your customers, and so forth.

And its true Russell and Jim style, they certainly overdeliver on the value!

The second reason why they have decided to release this webinar is to let people know about the new pricing. The software was previously accessible through a paid yearly subscription. However, there is now a better alternative.

Funnel Scripts cost

The cost of the software was previously $497 per year. But now the pricing has been completely revamped.

Due to the effectiveness and accuracy of the software in creating powerful sales copy that actually converts and the fact that it saves business owners thousands of dollars that they would otherwise have had to spend hiring a copywriter, people have been repurchasing access to Funnel Scripts year after year at the $497 price point.

However, it is now no longer possible to buy Funnel Scripts at this price.

As announced on the Funnel Scripts webinar, Russell and Jim are offering full access to the entire copywriting software suite for a one-time payment of $797.

Considering how powerful this software is and how effective it is at writing sales copy that results in $$$, paying the new one-time price of $797 is an absolute bargain!

This offer has been so popular since it was released last week that literally thousands of people have taken advantage of the new price point and jumped on the deal.

If you already have Funnel Scripts then I’ve got even more good news for you. When I logged into my Funnel Scripts account I saw this:

<img role=<img role=<img role=<img role=<img role=

The special deal available on the Funnel Scripts webinar

Yep, if you currently have an active subscription then all you need to do is click the banner above and pay the additional one time fee of $297 and you get access to the software for life.

Pretty sweet! Just make sure you’re logged into your account when you upgrade.

Who Is Hosting The Funnel Scripts Webinar?

The well-known internet marketer, Russell Brunson. If you haven’t come across Russell before, not only is he the owner and founder of ClickFunnels, he is also one of the most successful marketers on the internet.

Russell is responsible for creating literally hundreds of millionaires through his training and products. He is a charismatic and likable character with a natural flair for training people to become successful marketers online.

What Exactly Is Funnel Scripts?

The Funnel Scripts training webinarFunnel Scripts is a powerful online software program that enables you to create highly effective sales copy with a few clicks of a button.

Master copywriter, Jim Edwards, and Russell Brunson spent many months going through all the most effective sales copy in history.

They combined their research with their own knowledge of copywriting and created the software to be able to craft unique copy on demand.

Basically, all you need to do is fill in your info into the text fields along with other information that the software will ask you and then with a click of a button it will create the copy for you.

You can then make any edits of adjustments to the copy as you see fit.

One of the best parts of using Funnel Scripts is that it’s like having your very own copywriter working for you on-demand whenever you need them to, but you only ever pay the copywriter one time!

Another huge benefit of using this software is that you can literally have your copy almost instantly instead of waiting several weeks for a copywriter to prepare it for you.

What Can Funnel Scripts Do?

Create Sales Copy

Writing an effective sales copy can take quite a while. If you’ve been thinking of doing this yourself and you’re not a professional copywriter then it’s likely that you will spend weeks or even months on a single piece of copy with a high chance that it will flop on launch day.

Using Funnel Scripts will save you the time and also create copy that will convert your visitors into dollars.

Create Ad Copy

Quickly create powerful and captivating headlines for your ads as well as other ad copy that you need. All this is based on the top converting ads in history.

Create Webinar Slides

Running an effective webinar will often involve using a PowerPoint presentation to get your message across. Using this software you can quickly create all your slides.

Create Video Sales Letter Slides

Similarly, you can also create all the slides you need for an effective video sales letter. This is a huge time and money saver. Just create your slides and send them to your video designer.

Create Email Copy

It can be a nightmare to try to sit down and write out all your email messages for your autoresponder.

In fact, this task is so daunting that many don’t even attempt it and forget about doing email marketing altogether. However, email marketing is a crucial part of online business these days.

Using the software will enable you to create all your email sequences in minutes.

Create Product Descriptions

If you need to write effective and engaging descriptions of your products then Funnels Scripts can take care of this for you too.

Who Should Watch The Funnel Scripts Webinar?

If you have been thinking about using Funnel Scripts, if you are already using it or if you are currently searching for an effective sales letter and copywriting software generator then you will want to watch this webinar.

This webinar will also be highly beneficial for anyone who is interested in the subject of copywriting and the psychology behind selling and who want to improve their copywriting and marketing skills.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

When you buy Funnel Scripts you will also be getting $127,394 of value. This is broken down as follows;

  • Funnel Scripts Unlimited – $118,400 value
  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints – $997 value
  • Live Monthly Coaching With Jim – $6,000
  • Copywriting Secrets Masterclass – $1,997
  • Plus additional 60+ Scripts

The Funnel Scripts pricing

Final Thoughts

Funnel Scripts is a powerful software product that will save you a massive amount of time and money.

Having an effective sales copy is crucial to any business. If your copy doesn’t convert then you’re just not going to make any sales.

You could either pay a professional copywriter thousands for each piece of content you need to be written or you can spend a few years training as a copywriter along with all the trial and error that comes with learning a new skill.

Alternatively, you can just take the huge short cut of letting Funnel Scripts write all your copy for you forever for a one-time price of $797, as shown on the Funnel Scripts webinar.

To me, it’s a no brainer!

The Perfect Webinar Review

The Perfect Webinar review pictureAre you an entrepreneur or business owner planning to sell your products and services on the internet?

If you want to absolutely crush it online then one of the most effective ways to sell your products is by using webinars.

However, you may already be aware that there is an art to running a webinar that will actually make sales.

While many people set up a webinar with the hopes of making a load of sales at the end, only a very small portion of webinars “actually” sell a product effectively.

But don’t worry, master internet marketer Russell Brunson has the secret webinar code that is responsible for many of his students becoming millionaires.

If you also want to have this kind of success then I highly recommend you grab Russel Brunson’s free Perfect Webinar Script.

If you want to know more about it then here in this article I’m going to tell you everything you need to know and exactly what you get when you buy The Perfect Webinar.

What is the Perfect Webinar?

The Perfect Webinar is a training course that was created by Russell Brunson. It gives you a formula or framework that you can use to create high-value webinars that will maximize your potential sales.

The perfect webinar gives you access to free scripts.

These scripts will enable you to be precise in planning what to say, when to say it and even “how” you should say it.

Russell’s webinar script gives you access to a membership area that has various in-depth training videos.

Once in the member’s area, you can also download the scripts so you can have them to hand while you’re planning and even running your webinar.

Who is Russell Brunson?

If you’re using a sales funnel for your business, are using ClickFunnels or have been involved with internet marketing for more than five minutes you’ve probably already heard of him.

Russell Brunson is among the most successful online entrepreneurs and marketers around today.

He is the co-founder of Etison LLC, the SaaS company that launched the famous Clickfunnels Software. He is also the brains behind the sales funnel software company, ClickFunnels.

According to Forbes, Russell Brunson has built a $360 million business, which he completely self-funded.

He has also written massively popular books such as DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets and the Funnelhacker Cookbook, among others.

Russell is also one of the greatest developers of effective webinars.

In 2018, he made a presentation at the 10X Growth Conference and made sales of over $3,000,000 within just one 90 minute presentation.

If you want to see this master presenter at work then you can watch the 10X Growth Con presentation here for free.

If you are an online marketer or public speaker, you will find the presentation massively resourceful, inspirational and motivating.

He has unique strategies that you can use to sell any kind of product or service effectively on the internet. He also conducts training to help you implement his strategies step-by-step.

What Do You Get When You But The Perfect Webinar?

Perfect Webinar Script

Russell developed the famous script after having conducted numerous webinars and sales presentations. He has made millions of sales courtesy of this exact same webinar script.

Just like Brunson, you can use the script whenever you want to pitch a product, speak through a webinar or train an audience.

You can use this specific script to organize what you are going to say and how you are going to say it.

The script on average brings Russell in over $1 million from each webinar, and you too can use it to skyrocket your business.

If you want a hardcopy of the script then you’ll be pleased to hear the script is free. However, you will be required to pay a $5 shipping fee. The fee covers the cost of delivering a physical copy of the script and the training video.

The Perfect Webinar Up-Sells

The Perfect Webinar sales funnel has two up-sells. They include:

The Perfect Webinar Slides

You will have access to PowerPoint and Keynote files. The slides are similar to what Russell has used repeatedly to make his Perfect webinars.

I highly recommend you grab the slides as they will save you a lot of time. They have an inbuilt script and you do not have to set up new slides from scratch.

The slides have various benefits. They include:

They present all the critical concepts that help to make a successful webinar within 90 minutes. Therefore, you will have fewer questions and queries from your audience and make it more likely they will buy your product.

The framework is designed in line with your target audience. It takes care of both the interests and convenience of your audience.

They help to transfix your viewers to your webinar and will help them to learn a lot from your presentation.

The script has been built within the slides. This enables your audience to continue watching videos without having to start all over again. Therefore, you’ll get more people who actually stay until the end of your presentation.

There is also live training based on each slide. This will help your audience to implement whatever they will learn from you.

The slides are arranged in a sequence. This will help you to present your information step-by-step, which makes it comprehensible.

The slides are very affordable at only $47. You will have the opportunity to get them when you buy The Perfect Webinar.

To begin selling, you just need to add information about your product or service and you’re good to go.

The Perfect Webinar Training

Russell offers 3 hours of training on how to create a successful webinar.

The training is split into parts for your convenience.

In the training, Russell divulges all the secrets that have helped him make high-ticket products that have brought him in well over 6 figures from a single webinar.

The first part of the training is about the PowerPoint and Webinar Script.

The second part is on the course is all about the perfect funnel. This part of the training will give you information on the exact webinar strategy he uses.

You will learn about the funnel, the follow-up, the logic behind it as well as the why and how, among other things. Basically, Russell will teach you exactly how he thinks when it comes to creating successful webinars.

This upsell costs $297. You will also get a copy of the Funnel Hacks webinar funnel when you purchase this offer.

Is The Perfect Webinar for Everyone?

If you sell any product or service online, you need The Perfect Webinar.

You can make use of a high-value webinar to increase revenue and sales for your client services, software, online courses, ebooks, or affiliate products.

The training is suitable for beginners and experts. So, if you are an affiliate, network marketer, an online or offline seller, this webinar strategy can get you several high ticket clients every month if done right.

Key Features of the Perfect Webinar

  • It is free
  • You gain access to a script and step-by-step video tutorials on how to implement
  • You will get The Perfect Webinar share funnel
  • A physical copy and DVD will be shipped to your address at only $5
  • You can apply it to any kind of business
  • You will maximize your profits. You can make more money within a day by selling high-ticket products. Therefore, the profit can be a lot higher compared to selling products in other ways
  • The system works for you, you don’t need to do the selling
  • 100 clicks per day are all you need to make this a reality
  • You can automate your webinar if you already have ClickFunnels
  • Help and support is available

Why You Need To Have Webinar Scripts In your Business

The following are reasons why you should get yourself a copy of The Perfect Webinar:

  • High conversions
  • A webinar is a critical component of your sales funnel. It can help you convert your blog readers or contacts in your email list
  • No hard-selling
  • With the perfect webinar formula, you will be able to sell to your potential clients without having to put in too much work and effort
  • You will be able to provide enough value in a way that will enable your prospects to take the next step
  • Good for high-ticket sales
  • A webinar is a powerful strategy of adding high-ticket sales to your marketing funnel
  • It is comprehensive

Russell has been using webinars for a long time. Therefore, he has a firm grasp of what your prospects are wanting when they attend a webinar.

He pours out all his knowledge into the videos making sure everything is clear and laid out for you to utilize effectively.

You will not find an alternative that is as detailed or as effective as this.

His training will leave you ready to take action. This is undeniably a plus point to keep in mind.

Well-written scripts

Everything on the scripts is clear and comprehensible. So, you will have an easy time strategizing as you craft your webinar around his script. The content and videos are also very professionally put together.

Modernized content

The scripts have brand new information that you’re yet to see in the market. This is because Russell Brunson is always ahead with his strategies.

So, the detailed videos have modern content on what you need to do to succeed.

Availability of offline and physical content

You will have access to your online and offline content. You will be able to retain a physical copy that you can use offline. The physical copy will be delivered to your physical location within a week or so.

You will have access to the online content immediately your payment goes through.

Round the clock customer care

The support team for The Perfect Webinar is also excellent. They have ready-made answers to all your questions. Therefore, you will be able to implement the information immediately. If for whatever reason you have a question that they have not already covered in their detailed Q&A section, you can always reach out to them directly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wanting to catapult your next product launch and crush the sales with a webinar then The Perfect Webinar is a must-have.

Russell has had immense success perfecting webinar scripts and strategies. Now you can also tap into his success by using the exact same script that has made him millions of dollars online.

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You can get additional help and begin using ClickFunnels to build your business at the same time.

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Bonus #1: Unlimited Support With Me Through Email or FB Chat For As Long As You Need ($1997 value) - Have a question about using ClickFunnels or promoting your business online? just reach out to me and I will help you out.

Bonus #2: The Ultimate Business Accelerator Software Pack (value $2,997) - This incredible bonus package gives you access to 5 amazing software products to help you grow your business:

  • Sticky Reviews – This social proof software tool will help to increase your conversions by more than 15% by showing real reviews from your site visitors and customers – ($25/month value)
  • Group Convert – This is an awesome Chrome extension that rapidly helps you to grow your email list directly from your own Facebook group – ($197 value)
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Bonus #3: The Million Dollar Ad Code - Want to make a killing through paid ads? - Here you can see exactly what the million dollar marketers are doing to have massive success.

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Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar – Watch It Here for Free

What You Will Learn In The Free Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar

  • How you can outspend your competitors instantly while ethically stealing ALL potential customers in your marketplace
  • The easy to follow process to 10X your business over the next 12 months
  • Ethical ways to spy on your competition's funnels, discover EXACTLY what they are doing… and do it better yourself!
  • Is a funnel right for your type of online business?
  • How to know the exact kind of funnel you should use in YOUR specific business!
  • How you can get the top salesperson in the world to close all your sales 24/7 (without asking for a pay rise, complaining, or even asking for a break!)
  • How you can get exactly the same customers that are currently buying from your competitors and start sending them to your funnels instead!
  • How you can get a ClickFunnels account FOR FREE!
  • How you can get access to use Funnel Scripts FOR FREE!
  • How you can get access to the Traffic Secrets course FOR FREE!

funnel builder replay webinarIf you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a business online then you need to watch the free Funnel Builder Secrets webinar.

The webinar features a speech given by laser online marketer Russell Brunson.

In it, he reveals the secrets all entrepreneurs know in order to build a successful online business that will thrive in today’s climate.

While Russell gives an absolute ton of golden information throughout the free webinar, he will, of course, also offer you the chance to buy the Funnel Builder Secrets package at a special discounted price at the end of the webinar.

If you’re in a hurry and you want to skip the webinar and go straight to the Funnel Builder Secrets purchase page then I have also posted the direct purchase link below.

If you’ve been looking for the replay for the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar then you can watch it here:

The secret funnel strategy landing page to join the free webinar

>>Funnel Builder Secrets Webinar – Replay Access<<

If you’ve already watched the webinar or you’d prefer to skip it and get direct access to purchase Funnel Builder Secrets without having to put in your email and then watch the webinar, you can get it here:

What’s in the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar?

True to Russell’s style, in the Funnel Builder Secrets webinar, he gives away several secrets that you can apply straight away to facilitate your business success online.

Interestingly, a large number of millionaires who are members of the 2 Comma Club attribute their success to the Funnel Builder Secrets program.

Russell goes into detail on exactly what you need to do to be successful online and quickly take your business to the next level.

He shares several tricks and hacks to spy on your competition and discover exactly which of your competitors are killing it online. Once you know this info you can then go ahead and model your funnel on theirs.

Russell then also shows you how you can find out where your competition is getting their traffic from and how you can go out and get the exact same traffic and bring them to your funnel. Sneaky stuff!

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What Is Funnel Builder Secrets?

the complete Funnel Builder Secrets packageThis is a package that Russell and his ClickFunnels™ team have put together to help people become successful in their online business. It is their most comprehensive and in-depth training package so far to date.

In FBS, you get six-core things:

  • Either six or twelve months access to the full ClickFunnels™ software suite
  • Access to the Funnel Hacks Masterclass course
  • Access to the FBS course
  • Access to Traffic Secrets course
  • Access to Funnel Scripts
  • Unlimited Funnel Bonuses

Once you buy FBS there is also an additional secret training that you will receive access to. It is a three-hour webinar with Russell on the Nine Secret Funnel Strategies.

You will find the link to this webinar in your ClickFunnels™ dashboard once you buy the FBS package.

Personally, I first thought about skipping and going straight to the other training.

However, I’m glad I didn’t as not only does Russell provide some awesome content in this webinar, he also lays the groundwork for your entire success strategy online. So, make sure you don’t skip this training!

If you want more detailed info then you can ready my Funnel Builder Secrets Review here.

On-Boarding Call

When I signed up for FBS I also got a one-hour onboarding call with a funnel strategist.

At first, I thought that I didn’t need this phone call as I’d just figure out how to use the ClickFunnels™ software myself. However, I was really glad I opted to have the onboarding call.

It’s totally free and the ClickFunnels™ expert I spoke to told me things about the platform that I had no idea that it could do. It’s definitely, time well spent!

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Do I Get Lifetime Access To Funnel Builder Secrets?

Yes and no.

You will get lifetime access to the three training courses:

  • Funnel Hacks Master Class
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Traffic Secrets

You will get six or twelve months’ access to the full Etison Suite of ClickFunnels™, depending on which package you signed up for.

After that, you will be billed monthly at $297 per month to continue using ClickFunnels™ unless you chose to downgrade to the $97 per month plan.

There are also no contracts with ClickFunnels™, you can cancel your plan at any time.

You will get twelve months of free access to Funnel Scripts.

As far as I am aware, this plan will not automatically renew after twelve months. However, if you would like to continue using it then you can purchase an additional twelve months access for $497 per year if you still need it.

Is There a Funnel Builder Secrets Guarantee?

Yes, when you buy this discounted offer you also get a thirty-day money-back guarantee. This is important when buying anything online, especially a training course.

the Funnel Builder Secrets pricing table