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Kartra Pricing Plans 2020: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for the complete info on Kartra pricing plans?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing platform for your online business then, in my opinion, Kartra is a great choice. If you’re read my Kartra review then you already know I rate this product quite highly.

You can even take a low risk trial and give Kartra a go for 14 days for $1 here.

Since the Kartra platform has so much to offer, it has a number of different pricing plans. While this can give a person more flexibility, it can also get a bit confusing as to which plan may be best for you.

So, here in this article, I’m going to give you all the info on the Kartra pricing plans to help you make the right decision for your business.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into analyzing the various benefits and plans.

What are the different Kartra Pricing Plans?

Before purchasing your desired plan, you will have an opportunity try Kartra trial for 14 days for $1.

Besides that, Karta has five different pricing plans. These are:

Starter Plan

This plan will cost you $99 per month. However, you can decide to purchase the yearly plan, which will cost you $89. With this plan, you will have access to various features such as:

  • Limited to 20 e-commerce products
  • 100 pages
  • 15,000 emails
  • 2,500 leads
  • 50 GB bandwidth every month

This package is best suited for first-time entrepreneurs or marketers who are looking to dip their feet into the world of online business. Additionally, this plan works well for business owners or marketers who are yet to get contacts, as well as those looking to build their contact list.

However, if you have a large organization, you can still use this plan more so if you want to try out what’s in store for you with Kartra before shifting to the silver plan.

Silver Plan

This plan will cost you $199 per month. However, if you decide to pay the yearly rate, it will only set you back $149, which is a saving of $50 per month. The most critical features of this plan include:

  • Selling an unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited pages
  • 125,000 emails
  • 12,500 leads
  • 125 GB bandwidth every month

If you have a medium-sized company, this plan will serve you just right.

Gold Plan

This plan will cost you $299 per month. The yearly plan, which is much cheaper, will cost you $249. You will have access to various features, which include:

  • Selling an unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited pages
  • 250,000 emails
  • 25,000 leads
  • 200 GB bandwidth every month

If your subscribers have increased, this plan will create extra room for additional subscribers, or the increased number of traffic. Having said that, you can comfortably use this plan for your large to medium organization.

Platinum Plan

This plan will cost you $499 per month. The yearly plan, which is much cheaper, will cost you $379. With this plan, you will have access to various features including:

  • Selling an unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited pages
  • 500,000 emails
  • 50,000 leads
  • 500 GB bandwidth every month

If your business is continually growing and you want to accommodate the huge traffic that is streaming to your online business, then the Platinum Plan may be the best choice for you.

Diamond Plan

This plan will cost you $699 each month. The yearly plan will cost you $519, which will save you about $180 per month so this is definitely worth going for if you need this plan. Features for this plan will include, but not limited to:

  • Selling an unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited pages
  • 1,000,000 emails
  • 100,000 leads
  • 600 GB bandwidth every month

This plan is best suited for large businesses, particularly the ones with high levels of traffic. With this plan, you will be able to use all other features offered by Kartra.

What Other Features Do I Get With Kartra Plans?

Before you start thinking Kartra is on the expensive side, it is important to know that each and every Kartra plan has additional functions, which I have listed below.

Using these functions on your Katrar plan can literally save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars (depending on how large your business is) as you will no longer need to pay for additional services such as hosting, email autoresponders, video hosting and more.

Here are the additional features that you will have access to once you start using Kartra.

E-commerce Function

The most outstanding feature of Kartra is that it allows you to sell your digital or physical products such as courses, ebooks and memberships, among others.

With regard to memberships, you will be able to integrate recurrent payment plans with your landing pages, thus making them part of your sales funnel.

The e-commerce function will also enable you to monitor and track your affiliates. In essence, you will be able to know the amount of commission each affiliate gets for promoting your products.

Email Campaigns and Automation

Kartra marketing software gives you access to an email marketing platform and CRM. Having said that, the email marketing feature comprises of a broadcasting tool, email automation platform, as well as an area for managing your leads.

In essence, you will have access to pre-built funnels, which will enable you to build an email list. Additionally, Kartra’s plans will give you access to email sequence builders that you can use to automate your emails.

What’s more, you will be able to segment your email subscribers based on the actions they take while on your website.

With that in mind, you will be able to segment subscribers based on what they love to buy, links they click, type of emails they read, just to mention a few.

Landing Pages

You will have access to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), which is Kartra’s front end editor.

Using this editor, you will also have access to hundreds of pre-built page templates. You will be able to import the templates with just a single click, which will make your page building not only intuitive, but also extremely fast.

Video and Course Hosting

This is one of my favourite features and saves me a ton of money in my business…

With Kartra’s course and video hosting function, you will be able to host all your videos on the platform inside your account. You will no longer have to copy and paste URLs for your video-based training courses and, of course, you will no longer need to pay external video hosting services like Vimeo or Wistia, which, let’s face it, can get pretty expensive the more videos you have.

Additionally, you will get analytics for how long people watch your videos, and at what point they stop watching. Your subscribers will also be able to share, subscribe and perform other actions as well.

Kartra’s video hosting feature will allow you to organize your videos in folders, thus giving your subscribers a seamless watching experience.

Membership Websites

With Kartra, you will be able to build a membership website seamlessly. Additionally, you can personalize your membership site, and give your clients access to what you want based on their membership plans.

Kartra membership allows you to put a limit as far as customer’s access to certain content is concerned. Depending on your preferred plan, you will be able to send unlimited emails to your members, as and when you want.

Why is Kartra’s Pricing Valuable?

Using Kartra as your all in one marketing platform saves you the trouble of having to use different software for your online marketing. For instance, before I started using Kartra, I was using different software programs including:

  • SamCart for a shopping cart
  • ConvertKit for email automation
  • LeadPages for creating my forms
  • LeadPages for creating landing pages and funnels
  • Post Affiliate Pro for managing affiliates
  • Teachable for hosting my courses

All the above software cost me close to $300 every month. With that in mind, paying $89 for Kartra’s Starter Plan, for instance, will save you a huge amount of money at the end of every year.

Using Kartra from the very beginning saves you the trouble of moving your email subscribers and pages later on.

Nonetheless, if you are experiencing financial constraints, I would recommend that you use ConvertKit or Leadpages, which cost $29 and $37 per month. With ConvertKit and Leadpages, you can be sure that your email automation and landing page needs are well taken care of.

How Does Kartra Pricing Compare To Its Competitors?

ClickFunnels vs Kartra Pricing

ClickFunnels and Kartra are great online marketing platforms. Although ClickFunnels offers less features than Kartra, it is certainly an excellent software as far as your sales funnel is concerned.

On the other hand, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software, which allows you to use high end funnels and marketing tools.

However, these two have significant disparities. Using Kartra helps to ensure that you do not use multiple software, which saves you the trouble of paying for several subscriptions you don’t really need. It allows you to do much more than ClickFunnels, including building pages.

ClickFunnels has high quality features that you can use for your sales funnel, but it does not allow you to host videos. Unlike Kartra. ClickFunnels does not have a marketing AI for tracking leads, as well as an affiliate marketplace.

Be that as it may, Kartra can be a bit difficult to use if you have minimal sales and marketing experience.

The first thing to know is that you can get a 14 day trial free trial of ClickFunnels without even entering your credit card details, unlike Kartra.

During the two week trial period, you will be able to test it to see whether it is right for your business.

Standard Plan

This plan will cost you $97 per month. It gives you access to 20 funnels, 20,000 visitors every month, as well as 100 landing pages.

A great addition to a CickFunnels membership is that you will also get access to a large number of online marketing training courses, many of which are sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars by themselves.

Many of these training courses are by the famous marketing master and owner of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. However, you will also have access to many other courses by other famous people including Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham and John Reese.

ClickFunnels Platinum

This plan will cost you $297 every month. This plan gives you access to unlimited sales funnels and landing pages. You will be able to build as many sales funnels as you want, and send unlimited traffic to them.

Additionally, you will be able to access all the training courses that ClickFunnels provides, including their famous One Funnel Away Challenge, the Funnel Builder Secrets program, which is responsible for creating a huge number of millionaires and many more.

If you would like to know more about this package, see my ClickFunnels Platinum review article here.

There is quite a bit more I can say about the comparisons between these two marketing software programs. If you would like to know more in detail then check out my Kartra vs ClickFunnels article.

Leadpages Vs Kartra Pricing

Leadpages will allow you to build a landing page for your website as well as opt-in forms. However, that is about all you can do with this software. Unlike the all-in-one marketing platform Kartra, Leadpages does not support membership sites, video hosting, email automation or affiliate marketing management.

Leadpages standard plan is $25 per month, per year, while Kartra’s starter plan is $89 per month, per year.

Conclusion of Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra is certainly a big competitor of ClickFunnels, LeadPages, as well as other software like Kajabi and Infusion, which we did not look at in-depth in this review.

Kartra is a great all-in-one digital marketing platform that you can comfortably use regardless of whether you are just starting out, or you’ve been in business for a long time.

Having said that, Kartra is suitable for small, medium-sized, and even large organizations that are looking to take care of their marketing needs and efforts in one place.

If you do not have enough money to acquire multiple software, you can’t go wrong with Kartra. Additionally, using Kartra saves you the trouble of having to familiarize yourself with different software especially if you are not tech-savvy.

With regards to Kartra’s pricing plans, Kartra has the best interest of every online marketer and entrepreneur in mind. Regardless of your budget, you will be able to get a plan that is right for your business.

If you are just starting out, it is advisable that you begin with the Starter Plan, which costs just $99 per month, or $89 per month if you want to pay yearly.

If you’re still not sure about using Kartra for your business, then I highly recommend you get a 14-day trial for $1. That way, you do not have to invest in a software that will not fulfill your marketing needs.

All the plans have basic features such as the ability to sell different products, email marketing automation, generate leads and build landing pages, sales funnels and membership areas.

Take a 14 day Kartra trial for $1 today and see exactly that it can do for you. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Affiliate Disclaimer: I hope you find this resource page useful. Please not that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means if you click one of the above links and enrol, I many receive a commission. If you do sign up through one of my links, thank you, it's much appreciated! Any funds I receive help to keep this site active so we can continue to produce high-quality content.

How To Create a Free ClickFunnels Account

Check out my free ClickFunnels Bonuses here!

If you’re thinking of using ClickFunnels then I’m sure, you, like me, agree that it would be great if you could try it out for free for a while before you buy.

Well, fortunately, this is possible with their 14 Day Free Trial.

You can simply sign up for a free trial account and if for whatever reason you decide that it is not for you then you can cancel your account at any time.

However, you must do so before the end of your fourteen day trial period and you will not be billed.

When you sign up for a free trial account you will get full access to their top-level account, known as the ClickFunnels Etison Suite. This way, you have the opportunity to take a look at all the features that ClickFunnels can offer you.

You may decide after the fourteen day trial period that you like the software and want to continue using it, but you don’t need all the features that the Etison Suite offers.

In this case, you can simply downgrade your account to the Standard Plan, which is billed monthly at $97 dollars after your free trial period.

What You Can Do With Your ClickFunnels Account During The Trial Period

As I mentioned earlier, when you sign up for the free trial, you will get access to the full suite. Here are a few of the things you will be able to do with your account during the trial period:

  • Create landing pages
  • Create sales funnels
  • Create lead get funnels
  • Create webinar funnels
  • Create product funnels
  • Build your email list
  • Check out Actionetics
  • Check out the Backpack feature
  • Collect share funnels

Basically, you can set up a funnel and start driving traffic to it, build your list and even sell products. Therefore, it is entirely possible to get a funnel up and running and making money before your trial period ends.

If you choose to use ClickFunnels in this way to promote affiliate offers then it is possible to generate enough money to pay for your first month of membership ($97) before your trial period ends.

IMPORTANT: However, please be aware that it is unlikely that you will accomplish this in only fourteen days if you have little or no experience with online marketing if you do not already have an established traffic source for your business or you do not know how to drive traffic yet. These are skills that also need to be learned in order to build a successful business.

Accounts On Hold

If after your fourteen day trial period you like ClickFunnels but you’re not quite ready to use the software and, therefore, pay monthly for your account, you can then use the “Accounts On Hold” feature.

This means that you can pause your account for a small monthly fee of around $10 per month.

None of your work will be lost and any funnels you have in your account including the ones you have created yourself and any share funnels that you may have collected will be saved.

However, during the Accounts On Hold period, you will not be able to edit any of your funnels. Once you are ready to continue using your account you can simply re-activate it and continue where you left off.

How To Have Huge Success With ClickFunnels

Whether you have already signed up for an account yet, one of the best ways to have huge success with ClickFunnels, in my opinion, is through the Funnel Builder Secrets program.

This program is the only discount that ClickFunnels offers. Not only will this program save you a lot of money on your membership, but you will also get access to some incredibly valuable training that can help you make a lot of money if you actually implement the strategies.

Funnel Scripts Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Leading entrepreneur and all-around internet marketing superstar, Russell Brunson has created yet another awesome product that now allows the average Joe (or Josephine) to write kick-ass copy that will actually result in sales.

If you’re in business then no doubt, you’ve heard of the term copywriting at one point or another. For those who don’t know, copywriting is the creative process of writing the text for advertisements and promotional material.

Copywriting is so important that is has turned into a 2.3 trillion dollar industry!

The main purpose is to increase interest in a product and can actually make or break a sale.

Get a Funnel Scripts FREE Trial here and see what it can do for you.

It’s literally that important!

However, copywriting is a hard-earned skill and takes years to master. Because of this, copywriters can charge thousands of dollars for a single piece of sales copy, which leaves the little guy in between a rock and a hard place.

This is where Funnel Scripts come in.

So, what exactly are Funnel Scripts you might ask?

It’s a very powerful software program that produces copywriting scripts at the touch of a button. it’s a heaven-sent for business owners, entrepreneurs and internet marketers.

If you’re a user, the software program allows you to select a specific type of script, be it a sales letter, an email, a headline or even a Facebook ad, fill in a few details about your product, service and demographic and hey presto! It spits out near perfect sales copy that you can edit, cut and paste.

The program is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards and is the sister company of ClickFunnels, which is owned by Brunson.

Personally, I think it is awesome and I do now use it in my own business.

However, in this review, I will give you the nitty gritty of Funnel Scripts, so you can make a decision for all our own reasons if it is right for you.

How to use Funnel Scripts

Before we get into the specifics, I will explain how to use Funnel Scripts.

When I initially used the tool, I was astonished that the software program is entirely web-based, which means you don’t even need to download it.

Also, it is extremely easy to use and all you need to do is insert some information and the program does the rest for you. Basically, you just have to select the kind of script you want and submit the relevant details. Once you finalize your choices, the script is prepared in no time.

Funnel Scripts is a practical solution and users can avoid the massive headache (and expense) of creating scripts from scratch.

Within minutes, the application delivers highly impactful sales copies, call to actions, email scripts, webinar scripts, headline and subject lines and so much more.

Furthermore, if you buy Funnel Scripts, the product contains several short training videos and tutorials, which enables you to master the software in no time.

Is Funnel Scripts worth it?

The most important question I had when I was first introduced to Funnel Scripts was if it was actually worth purchasing. Having used it, I can safely say the answer is an emphatic yes!

Quite frankly, Funnel Scripts is a game-changer because it enables users to improve their product conversions instantly.

I speak from personal experience that Funnel Scripts can be used to develop sales copies successfully in a matter of minutes.

Funnel Scripts Benefits

By now, you’ve probably already gathered that this software program can do quite a bit for you and your business.

Here, I’ve broken down all the pros of using it.

Saves Time

Like I alluded to earlier, it only takes a few clicks before a draft is ready for use.

Users can acquire their first draft in a matter of minutes. For example, if you need to create a sales page, all that is needed is to insert relevant details like keyword topics, demographic info and a few other specifics and Funnel Scripts will generate the script.

Typically, the tool provides me with a draft in a few minutes and saves the hassle of creating a script from scratch.

I no longer need to worry if my sales copy is doing its job or waste hours of time tweaking it.

Funnel Scripts free trial

The first time I used Funnel Scripts, I had already spent money on other tools that I needed to use in my business and was, therefore, a bit reluctant to buy it immediately.
I knew I needed it, I was just on a tight budget. I also wanted to learn more about it first.

Fortunately, while doing research, I discovered that Funnel Scripts offers a fourteen-day free trial.

I took advantage of the fact and quickly realized how effective and efficient the software was.

Having said that, the product is currently on special offer at a one-time purchase price for a limited time so I’d highly recommend grabbing it now while the offer is still available.

A huge assortment of scripts

Another awesome feature of Funnel Scripts is the massive number of scripts that are available.

Some examples include sales scripts, video sales letter scripts, advertisement scripts for Facebook ads, webinar slide scripts, email newsletter scripts and opt-in scripts, to name but a few.

The software literally has EVERY AREA of your business covered!

Having so much variety at your disposal means that you’ll never have to pay extravagant fees to a pro copywriter and you will never have to worry about having bad copy that does nothing for your product.

If you wish to optimize details such as your customer and target niche, it can be done with ease.

In addition, Funnel scripts enable you to tailor your scripts according to your customer’s individual needs.

You can answer queries like what your customers require, what issues they face and provide them with the right solution.

An exhaustive list of scripts to choose from makes the copywriting side of your business not only simple but fun!

When you buy the software, you can get to work and peruse through a plethora of templates and let your imagination run wild!

Excellent Funnel Scripts price

Yet another advantage of using Funnel Scripts is how cost effective it is. Considering the massively high cost of paying for professional copy, buying Funnel Scripts is an absolute steal.

The 2019 edition is currently available for $497 annually. This is in stark contrast to other providers, who charge exorbitant amounts for the software.

Buying Funnel Scripts, especially at the aforementioned price is an absolute no brainer. For starters, if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll immediately know that this is a fraction of the cost of employing a copywriter!

Also, if you run a company, Funnel Scripts allows you to essentially bypass the middle man and get the job done yourself or in-house.
If you’re thinking this all sounds great, but you don’t like paying a monthly or yearly fee to use the software, I hear you. I don’t either.

In that case, you’ll be pleased to hear that there is currently a special offer to buy Funnel Scripts at the one-time price of $797!

This limited time discount offer also comes with unlimited scripts, updates and live monthly copywriting webinar classes with co-creator and master copywriter, Jim Edwards.

All in all, this is a scintillating offer that is simply too good to miss!

Training Options

Have you ever used software and come unstuck? Do you find yourself browsing the internet for tutorials or watching YouTube videos for clarity?

Don’t worry, Funnel Scripts solves this predicament as well!

An exciting feature of Funnel Scripts that came in handy when I started using it where the training videos that are included. There are numerous videos that are also frequently updated.

This attribute definitely makes the package more comprehensive and a must have for business owners and entrepreneurs.
That’s not all though: as I mentioned earlier, Jim Edwards, co-creator, conducts live monthly coaching sessions too when you buy Funnel Scripts at the one-time offer price.
The co-founder oversees real-time conference calls and provides tips for users on how to make your sales copy absolute dynamite.

More Funnel Scripts software functions

The program is comprised of four downloadable scripts wizards, namely The Perfect Webinar Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, Easy Study Wizard and the Celebrity, Story, Service Wizard respectively.

The current crop of scripts includes an Amazon.com e-commerce product script, Testimonial Script as well as a Facebook Advertisements Script which enables users to create 3 separate versions of an ad based on cold, warm and hot traffic!

Funnel Scripts reviews

Once the script is ready, users can make reviews and edit the script if is not quite how you want it. While it’s a pretty powerful piece of software, it is, after all, still only a computer program. You may need to tweak your copy here and there before making it live.

It’s super easy to edit your scripts and you can even save them into your library within your own member’s area and come back to it later if you prefer.

What I don’t like about Funnel Scripts

Having used Funnel Scripts, I did notice a few flaws as well, albeit minor ones.

Proofreading Required

Every now and then, I had to proofread the content that was created by Funnel Scripts. I took it in my stride but other users may find that somewhat tedious.

It doesn’t take much time at all though to read through your copy and tweak it here and there. I guess it is a bit much to expect it to be absolutely 100% perfect every time. It is, after all, just a computer!

Beta Mode

Additionally, since the program is in beta mode, there are slight issues that arise here and there. However, bug fixes are carried out quickly before it becomes a major concern.

Information Overload

Although I knew what to expect, I imagine that users who are less tech savvy may have reservations about Funnel Scripts and they might consider it overwhelming when they start using it.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of Funnel Scripts far outweigh potential lapses and for my money, it’s an absolute no brainer and a steal at the special offer price.

So, would I recommend Funnel Scripts? The answer is definitely a resounding yes!

For those still in doubt, imagine the alternative: hiring an expensive copywriter and paying them thousands of dollars, for each script!!

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t doing that when there’s a powerful piece of kit like Funnel Scripts that can take care of the job for me at a fraction of the price.

I’d rather just pay a small chunk of that amount, forego the middleman and buy Funnel Scripts, which is exactly what I did.
I firmly believe Funnel Scripts is a progressive software that is an obligatory purchase for anyone involved in a business, and online marketing who are actually serious about their business.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, Funnel Scripts is the all-purpose solution that anyone can use.

Get a ClickFunnels Account for FREE..?!

the ClickFunnels logo and a slogan implying a free accountIf you’d like to try ClickFunnels completely risk-free then you can get their 14-Day FREE trial account.

This account allows you to experience the full suite also known as the Enterprise or Etison suite for an entire fourteen days at no risk to you.

If you don’t think that ClickFunnels is for you after the fourteen day trial period then you can simply cancel your account and you won’t be charged.

ClickFunnels wants to give everyone the chance to try out their software so you can see for yourself if it is right for you and your business.

ClickFunnels has so many functions that you can take advantage of. Not only is it a landing page builder but you can even use it to create a website, collect emails, create a members area, start an affiliate program and much more.

See also: How to build a ClickFunnels membership site

How Much Is ClickFunnels After The Free Trial?

After your fourteen day free trial has ended you can choose to either use the Startup Plan or the Enterprise Plan.

The Startup plan costs $97 per month and gives you full access to the landing page and funnel builder.

You will be able to have up to twenty funnels in your account, create membership sites and more.

The Enterprise Plan, also known as the Etison Suite is the top plan and allows you to have up to seventy funnels in your account.

With the Etison Suite you also get the added use of Actionetics, which is their own built in autoresponder and Backpack.

Backpack is the built in affiliate software that allows you to recruit and pay affiliates to promote your products for you. The cost of the Enterprise Plan is $297 per month.

You can see more detail on exactly what you get with each pricing plan in my article about what is ClickFunnels.

Accounts On Hold

During the fourteen days, if you’ve created some funnels that you want to use in your business, but you’re not able to upgrade to a paid account straight away, then ClickFunnels has a solution for this too.

So, if you’ve created some funnels but you want to wait before you run with the paid account then you can activate the Accounts On Hold feature. This feature will remember your work and pause your account for a small monthly fee.

In this case, you won’t be able to utilise your funnels with the account is on hold. However, you have the peace of mind that your work is saved and you can come back to reactivate your account when you are ready.

Currently, the cost of placing your account on hold is around $10 per month. To activate this feature you can find it in the account billing area under the “Account” tab in the back office of your ClickFunnels account.

If, for whatever reason, you can’t find the Accounts On Hold option, just get in contact with ClickFunnels support and they’ll tell you how you can activate it. ClickFunnles support is great and gets back to you pretty quickly.

When you first sign up you will have access to a training course called Funnel Builder Secrets Lite to help get you started. In the course you will also have access to several funnels that you can load up and start using straight away.

See also: How to be successful with ClickFunnels

The Best ClickFunnels Discount

If you haven’t yet signed up for a ClickFunnels account, then I also want to let you into a secret that not many people are aware of…

ClickFunnels have a special offer which includes full access to their sales funnel building software, full access to their copywriting software called Funnel Scripts and full lifetime access to three of their training courses.

This discount offer is called Funnel Builder Secrets.

The Funnel Builder Secrets package is so powerful it has already resulted in several people becoming millionaires.

This package is the only discount package that ClickFunnels offers. It not only gives you full access to some of the best online marketing training available today, but you also get full access to the ClickFunnels suite and save hundreds of dollars on your membership.

You can also read my article on three ClickFunnels discounts to find out more about the other ways you can get a reduced price on your subscription.

Want more free stuff? Get Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar script for free here.

What Is ClickFunnels? – Everything You Need To Know

Computer monitor explaining what Clickfunnels isIf you’re in business to sell a product or service, be it your own or someone else’s, you may have heard of something called ClickFunnels. But what exactly is it?

ClickFunnels is a powerful software program that basically gives you everything you need to market and sell your products or services online and deliver them to your customers.

Designed with the aim to make the whole sales process simple, easy, intuitive, automated and most importantly, effective, this company has taken the marketplace of online sales funnel software by storm.

It is extremely easy to use, even someone with no technical knowledge can use it to set up an effective sales funnel.

What Exactly Is ClickFunnels?

This article is an in-depth look at the sales funnels software, ClickFunnels. I will go into detail on all the aspects of the software so by the end of this article you will know exactly what it does and can, therefore, make a decision if it is also right for your business.

More: Exactly what the successful ClickFunnels users do to achieve massive success

What is a funnel?

Imagine having your best salesperson working in your business 24/7. They never get tired, hungry, complain or want to take a break. Having an effective sales funnel at the heart of your business is like having this ideal sales person ready to great each and every one of your customers, taking them by the hand and leading them to the exact products and services they need.

Another way to say it is, a funnel is basically a consumer-focused process that leads the customer from being introduced to a product or service all the way through to the buying process.

If you are setting up a sales funnel then it is a good idea to also lead the customer through the process of being presented with multiple products that they may also be interested in and that also compliment their initial purchase.

Leading a customer through the sales process in this way is a better and more efficient way to serve the customer (so you end up with happier customers) and also results in more sales so you as the business owner ends up making more money.

Having a good sales or marketing funnel at the heart of your business is a win-win for both the customer and the business owner.

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What are the ClickFunnels benefits for my business?

a man building marketing funnels on a laptopIf you’ve read this far and you currently don’t have a funnel for your business, you’re probably thinking, “ok, I need to get me a funnel!”

If you haven’t already got a funnel in place then I would also say yes, this is true.

So, what exactly can ClickFunnels do for my business and why should I choose to use this company?

Well, ClickFunnels is far more than just a piece of software that creates sales funnels. Here are all the things that you will be able to do once you start using this software.

Build landing pages

Once inside your account, you will be able to quickly and easily build high converting landing pages with the simple to use drag-and-drop editor.

Create sales funnels

If you haven’t figured this part out yet, yes, you can completely build out your sales funnel from start to finish using ClickFunnels. For example, any business from real estate agents, to fitness instructors, to Chiropractors to dentists, to lawyers and more, can build a high converting sales funnel to generate more leads and sales for their business.

If you want to short cut the whole process then you can also use pre-designed templates and customize them to your needs.

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Create a website

You can even build your website from within your ClickFunnels account so if you also need a website then you can also use this function.

The software is all hosted in the cloud so you will not need to pay for hosting. The only thing you won’t be able to do with this website is run a blog as it is not designed for that. For this reason, ClickFunnels websites are not great for SEO.

An alternative would be to build your blog on WordPress as these can be easily optimized to rank in the search engines. You can then integrate your WordPress blog with your ClickFunnels account via a special plugin designed specifically for this purpose.

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Run A/B split tests

You can set up multiple landing pages and run A/B split tests to see which campaigns are converting the best.

Collect emails and run a newsletter and autoresponder

Once you get people into your funnel you will be able to collect their email addresses and build valuable lists.

You won’t need a third party autoresponder like Aweber, GetResponse or MailChimp because you will be able to save your list and run the whole thing from within your ClickFunnels dashboard.

Create membership areas

This is a truly powerful addition to the software. If you have a business that operates a members area then ClickFunnels does all this for you too.

This is great for people who sell information products, run webinars or have a paid membership program. You can house your program all within your account and give your member’s password-protected access once they sign up to your membership site.

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Create affiliate programs

The Enterprise Plan has additional functionality called the “Backpack. Using the backpack you will be able to set up your very own affiliate program.

So, if you also want to recruit affiliates to promote your products for you then the Backpack feature that comes with the Enterprise account handles all this for you.

You can keep track of the sales your affiliates make, see which affiliates are performing the best and get notifications about when and how much you need to pay them in commissions. It’s very simple to set up and even more simple to run.

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Run customer support

Using the Pipeline functionality, ClickFunnels provides you with an easy to manage and effective way to manage customer relations using their powerful CRM software.

You can also give team members restricted or privileged access to run certain tasks for you from within your account.

One such task that many business owners and entrepreneurs outsource to either a team member or a virtual assistant is the customer service. So, using the Pipeline function allows you to do all this easily.

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Share your funnels with others

Using this function allows you to build funnels for yourself and share them with others. But why would you want to do this, you may ask? Here are a few reasons;

Many entrepreneurs have built an entire (and very profitable) business through building funnels for clients and then selling them. This is similar to building a website for a business owner who does not have the time or know-how to do it themselves.

Sales funnels are very high ticket items since they are able to generate so much revenue for a business. It’s quite common to sell a sales funnel upwards of $15,000. As you can see, this can be a very lucrative business model.

Network marketers will also benefit from the ability to share funnels. For example, if you have an effective funnel that you are using in your business to either sell products or recruit new distributors then you can share your funnel with your downline.

This can be an incentive for the team member to sign up in your downline. If you are using a funnel that has already proven to convert well then you will be able to help your downline and build both yours and their team much more quickly.

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What is ClickFunnels’ customer support like?

You may be thinking, “this all sounds great, but what’s the customer support like?”

Well, when you sign up for a free trial account you also get top quality customer support who are on hand 24/7.

Many times they will have the answer to give you straight away to solve any funnel building issue you may come across. However, in many cases, they will also just log in to your account and do it for you. They’re super helpful.

Do I really need ClickFunnels?

a woman building marketing funnels on her computerIf you’ve read this far and you still haven’t figured out if you really need it yet, then let me ask you a couple of questions…

“Do you need to generate more leads and or sales in your business?”

“Could you and your business benefit from generating more leads and or sales?”

If the answer to either of these questions is yes then you will benefit from using it.

If you already have a sales funnel set up but it’s just not converting as well as it should, or if you are struggling to manage all of the different pieces of your funnel across multiple platforms then ClickFunnels will make your life and your business so much easier. Not only this, but it will also save you money on expensive membership costs to autoresponders, hosting plans, landing page software packages, codes and designers and likely convert at a better rate.

If this is your situation and you want to give it a try before you part with any money then you can sign up for the 14-day free trial and test it out for yourself.

What are the alternatives to ClickFunnels?

There are several sales funnel alternatives you could use, including LeadPages, Infusionsoft, InstaPage, Unbounce and ThriveThemes, to name but a few. However, none of them provides everything that this product gives you all from one convenient dashboard.

Once you start using this software you will no longer need to also pay for other third-party services such as autoresponders, hosting accounts, CRM software, membership software, affiliate program software and more.

ClickFunnels is by far one of the easiest to use and intuitive systems out there. This makes setting up and running your business not only easy but a joy.

If you would like to know more about the alternative companies then see my article on alternatives to ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels under the microscope – 6 important pieces

Ok, all this sounds great, but what are the individual parts of this software that make it so great?

Here’s a breakdown of the six main parts that make up the this entire sales funnel software suite:

ClickFunnels – funnel builder

The funnel builder is, of course, at the core of the software. This is the part that enables you to build entire sales funnels quickly and easily without needing to hire expensive coders and designers.

You can quickly set up your own funnels to bring in more leads, make sales, host webinars, add one-click up-sells and loads more. Besides building your sales funnels, this part of the software is also your page editor and your shopping cart all rolled into one convenient package.

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The Etison Suite

The Etison Suite literally saves you thousands of dollars that you may otherwise need to spend on programmers and designers.

Using easy to use drag-and-drop technology, Etison makes your page building experience simple, easy, fast, intuitive and highly customizable. They’ve made it so easy, building landing pages and sales funnels it’s actually fun


an entrepreneur working onlineActionetics is the part that allows you to build an email list and set up an autoresponder to deliver your follow-up messages to your clients and customers.

One massively important consideration when building an online business is whether your sales funnel will be compatible with your email autoresponder.

If you have been using platforms from different companies then this can often be a big issue, especially when either one or both the sales funnel software and autoresponder have a software update. The last thing you need is the whole system imploding on you due to an unforeseen or even un-forewarned software update.

Once you start using this software you will not have any of these worries as your email autoresponder is handled entirely via the Actionetics functionality within your account.

Actionetics enables you to build separate ‘Smart Lists’ of customers who are at different stages within your funnel. You can then market to them depending on what actions they have or have not taken when moving through your funnel.

You can learn more about the Actionetics features here.


If you’re no stranger to setting up an affiliate program to sell your products and services then you are well aware of stresses and pitfalls that can occur when it comes to getting the whole thing set up. The last thing you need is for your affiliate software to not be compatible with your funnel.

Fortunately, ClickFunnels has done all the hard work for you. You can now set up the easy to use all-in-one affiliate program software in conjunction with any of your sales funnels.

ClickFunnels has a range of templates they have pre-designed for you to choose as your affiliate program. All you need to do is choose which one you want to use and connect it to your funnel.


Pipeline is a simple to use and intuitive customer relations software (CRM).

Using the Pipeline will enable you to smoothly transition your customers from a visitor all the way to a paying customer.


If you need to use a membership site as part of your business then the Wasabi function within your dashboard has you covered.

Using Wasabi will mean that you will not need to worry about the aggravation and high cost of setting up a complex membership platform. All you need to do is choose from the well-designed membership templates inside your account, upload your content and you’re good to go.

ClickFunnels cost

There are two price plans. The Start-Up plan is $97 per month and the advanced plan, known as the Enterprise Plan (which includes the Etison Suite) is $297 per month.

At first glance, you might think this is fairly expensive. However, once a business starts using it they will be able to get rid of a lot of other online expenses as ClickFunnels can do so much for your business.

For example, you will be able to get rid of the following tools and instead, use the tools that your CF account provides:

  • Your email autoresponder
  • Your hosting account
  • Your WordPress installation
  • Your affiliate management software
  • Your tech guys and coders
  • Your online shopping cart software
  • Your graphic designer
  • Your CRM software
  • Your membership site software

When you buy ClickFunnels you will be able to get rid of all of the above if you are using them (and if, of course, you choose to) as all of these tools are provided for you and you can even manage from one convenient dashboard.

There is a secret pricing plan that not many people know about. If you’re really on a budget then you can also get an account with restricted functionality for just $19 per month. See my article here to find out about the $19 per month plan.

ClickFunnels pricing breakdown

So, what’s the difference between the Start-Up plan and the Enterprise Plan? Here’s a breakdown of what you get on each plan below:

The Clickfunnels pricing page

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Final Thoughts

If you are not currently using a sales funnel in your business and you need to generate more leads and or sales then you will benefit tremendously from using a funnel.

In my opinion, ClickFunnels is by far the most powerful and easy to use sales funnel software available today. Using this software will mean that you will be able to save a lot of money on other software programs such as autoresponders, page builders, hosting accounts and more. You will also no longer need to pay the high costs of programmers, developers and designers.

This product also gives you a whole host of additional tools to help you catapult your business (and income) to the next level.

Don’t just take my word for it, try ClickFunnels for yourself completely risk-free by using the 14-day free trial here.