Free ClickFunnels Real Estate Funnel Templates

The realtor funnel template

Here at FunnelHackSecrets, I offer a free done-for-you lead generation funnel for real estate businesses who sign up for a 14-day free trial with ClickFunnels through my link.

This realtor funnel is suitable to capture clients who are either looking to buy or sell a home.

The funnel comes complete with an opt-in page, a home seller quiz page, and a thank you page all ready for you to customize with your branding, log, content, and images. You can then use the funnel as you wish.

To get access to my realtor funnel you will first need to have a ClickFunnels account. You can sign up for a free trial here.

Once you have created your account, send me an email to steve @ with the subject line, “Send Me My Free Real Estate Funnel”. I will then promptly email you back the URL for you to pull the funnel into your account.

A ClickFunnels real estate funnel template

If you already have an account with ClickFunnels then you can still get my real estate funnel by purchasing one of the following ClickFunnels products:

After your purchase, send me an email to steve @ with the subject line, “Send Me My Free Real Estate Funnel” and let me know which product you purchased.

My ClickFunnels Real Estate Funnel Template Features

Our real estate lead generation funnel is perfect for quickly collecting leads as it creates active user engagement via the home buyer quiz. The quiz also helps you to collect more detailed information on exactly what your client is looking for before you even talk to them.

We have created the realtor share funnel for you to also offer added value to your prospects by offering them your free report, home buyer’s guide or home seller’s guide. Just switch out our demo guides for your own.

realtor funnel template free guide page

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The Realtor Funnel Has Simple Customization

realtor funnel template selling your home guide

Once you downloaded the realtor funnel into your account you will find that it is quick and simple to customize the funnel as you wish.

You can easily change the logo for your own as well as the content and images. You can even change the background image to give it a completely different look and feel.

Be sure to also customize your thank you page as this is an important step in your potential clients feel reassured that they will be contacted by a professional real estate agency.

After you have saved any changes you want to make to the funnel template, be sure to also head on over to the mobile version and make any adjustments that you need to make there, too and click save.

Promoting Your Realtor Lead Generation Funnel

While there are many ways you can drive traffic to your funnel to get more leads into your business, we recommend using either Facebook, Bing, or Google advertising as these traffic sources usually bring the fastest return.

You can also link to your funnel from your website, social media pages, and even YouTube videos.

Adding your funnel URL to the signature area of your email is also a great way to get extra exposure.

If you already have a website then you can also send your website visitors directly to your real estate marketing funnel by linking to it.

Using ClickFunnels For Real Estate Agents

The ClickFunnels software program has been specially designed to help any kind of business of any size generate more leads and increase their ROI.

ClickFunnels for real estate agents are fast becoming the platform of choice since the funnels look professional, they have a high conversion rate and it’s simple to use.

By using my ClickFunnels real estate templates, you will be able to set up your funnel to start collecting leads in as little as an hour.

Once your real estate funnel is set up you can go about collecting leads in a multitude of ways.

Perhaps the quickest way is through using paid advertising on places like Google and Facebook.

However, there are also a number of free methods you can generate traffic for your real estate funnel. Here are a few examples.

Get Traffic For Your ClickFunnels Real Estate Funnel

There are quite a few methods you can use to get people into your sales funnel.

You can use both paid and, or free traffic. While paid traffic is usually quicker, I particularly like free traffic. This is because a number of free traffic methods will allow you to collect leads on autopilot, even while you sleep.

Here are just a few methods that you can use to collect real estate leads.

Free Traffic From YouTube

YouTube is an excellent resource for generating leads online.

By simply making a series of short videos about the products and services you offer and directing viewers to click the link below the video (your real estate funnel), you can stand out from the other realtors and collect leads for free at the same time.

Free Traffic From Your Website

Did you know that most people who visit a website, leave without taking any action, ie getting in contact for more info or purchasing a product?

Unfortunately, most of these people also never return.

However, by using a ClickFunnels real estate template, you will be able to direct all your website traffic directly to your funnel.

Real estate sales funnels are specially designed to encourage visitors to take action and give you their valuable information.

Free Traffic From Emails

Another simple, but effective technique to collect leads is to include the URL of your real estate funnel in the signature area of your emails.

Labeling it with a catchy call to action will often pique the curiosity of most email recipients.

Free Traffic From Social Media

By now, you probably already realize that you can also generate free traffic for your funnel by using social media.

That’s right, you don’t have to pay for ads if you don’t want to. Although, you will almost certainly reach a wider audience more quickly if you do.

By regularly creating posts with a link to your real estate funnel and a simple call to action, you can generate free traffic from platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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