Kartra Review – Is It The Best All-In-One SaaS Tool?

If you’re looking to sell a product or service online then there are a lot of moving parts.

You’ll need to have a solid hosting solution, an effective sales funnel, a way to capture leads, a smooth checkout process and maybe even a trustworthy CRM.

While there are many companies out there who offer these services individually, Kartra is a platform that provides all this and more under one roof.

Dubbed as the ultimate all-in-one business software suite, Kartra is making waves and getting entrepreneurs talking.

But what exactly does it do and is it the right platform to help you launch your next product or service online?

For the longest time, I had been looking for a platform that could integrate everything I needed in a single place. I wanted a product that could provide sales funnels, an email marketing solution, a members area, a customer relationship feature, a smooth checkout process and the ability to host my digital products.

In my search, I came across Kartra.

Here I’ll tell you all about the platform so you can decide for yourself if it’s what you need to launch your next product or service.

Ready to give Kartra a try for $1?

What is Kartra?

As mentioned earlier, Kartra is an all-in-one internet marketing platform that was founded by Genesis Digital in 2018.

Kartra is an effective software for entrepreneurs and small-medium sized business owners looking for an all-inclusive marketing platform.

As a solopreneur or enterprise company, Kartra will give you access to hosting, email marketing, rich membership portals, webinars, and split-testing for your marketing campaigns all under one roof.

Additionally, you will have access to your video hosting, cart checkouts, live chat, and ready-made sales funnels.

All these functionalities have been designed to work together seamlessly, which is a big plus compared to having to pay for several different services and then trying to integrate them.

In essence, Kartra will help you automate your sales and lead generation process using ready-made funnels that have been backed up by marketing legends like Frank Kern.

While Kartra is absolutely a fantastic piece of software, it can be a little expensive. If you would like to use a free funnel builder then you can take a look at this article I wrote about GrooveFunnels.

the Kartra logo

What Are The Kartra Features?

The following features will help you run your online business with ease:

Onboarding Process

I hate it when I purchase a new service only to log in and have no idea where to go next or what to do. I was delighted to see that the experience with Kartra is the opposite.

Once you sign-up, Kartra will seamlessly walk you through the introduction to their platform.

You will first receive 4 emails, which are part of the onboarding process. The initial email will contain your login details and a link to your login page, which is also their learning center.

When you log in to your account, you will have access to a welcome video, which will enlighten you on the key features of Kartra. Additionally, the video will give you details on the key steps you need to take next to get set up.

However, you do not have to watch or follow the video, but it will be a big help to you if you have the time.

Kartra Page Builder

Just like other page builders, you will have access to WYSIWYG, which is a front end editor that stands for “what you see is what you get”.

If you decide to use Kartra, you will have access to ready-made templates including a home page, blog feed, classic squeeze pages, and sales pages.

The templates are similar to popular squeeze and landing page templates that are being used in the market today. Their templates offer a lot of choices. However, you can also customize any of the templates to suit your needs or create your own ones from scratch.

Additionally, editing text, images, and overall styling are quite easy with Kartra. Adding block elements is also possible by using the block template section.

You will also be able to add videos to your pages seamlessly from your video library.

This is a great feature and, in my opinion, a huge benefit of using Kartra over other platforms.

In essence, you will not have to use an external video hosting solution such as Vimeo, YouTube or Wistia because you will be able to host your videos from within your Kartra account.

If your business model relies on using a lot of video content, for example, providing a members area with training videos then this feature is gonna save you quite a bit of money that you would have had to otherwise spend with an external video hosting platform.

I once used Vimeo to host all my videos, but I can tell you, it soon gets expensive the more videos you upload!

I digress…

Kartra template library

Take a look at more Kartra page-builder templates here.

Kartra Products and Shopping Carts

Kartra allows you to set up products for sale very easily.

It doesn’t matter if you’re providing digital products like paid online courses, or physical products that you need to deliver to your customers’ destination. Kartra can handle it all.

If you decide to use Kartra for your business then you will not have to also purchase an external shopping cart such as SamCart.

When adding products, you will have access to two options, which are:

  • Main Product – like with any sales funnel software, the main product will be the first offer in your sales funnel
  • Upsell or DownsellThis offer will only be available to customers who will have ordered or purchased another product from you

The interface is straightforward and easy to grasp. Therefore, adding your products and shopping cart will be an easy task.

Nonetheless, Kartra will guide you on how to complete various steps including:

  • Product pricing
  • Adding payment options such as PayPal or Credit Card
  • Trial Structures
  • Cart Rules
  • Checkout Page
  • Affiliate program

Additionally, if you have online courses, you will be able to integrate them into the Kartra membership module.

See also: ClickFunnels for eCommerce

Affiliate Portal

if you’re wanting to recruit affiliates to promote your products for you then you can also do this with Kartra. The platform includes your own affiliate management area where you can set up your affiliate accounts, decide on their commission structure, create affiliate links, and so forth.

For example, you can decide if your affiliate members will earn a percentage or fixed rate of the sale. You will also be able to monitor your affiliate data including the number of people they have referred and their payout history.

Additionally, you will have access to product sales analytics for both your affiliate’s and your affiliates’ referrals. The information will comprise the number of visits, sales, cancellations, refunds, customer value, as well as revenue.

Find out more about the Kartra affiliate portal here.

Email Marketing

Under the “My Communications” tab, you will have access to the email marketing tool, which will allow you to generate leads for your business.

Additionally, you will have access to broadcasts, tagging, automation, sequences, among other tools.

As with any email marketing software, you will be also able to add leads manually if you wish. Nonetheless, if you are migrating from another email service provider, you can smoothly import leads from your CSV list.

Kartra hosted video feature

Kartra Email Form Builder

Apart from being able to create forms, you will have access to different form builder options including single/double opt-in, tagging, sequences, automation, welcome messages, as well as a success page URL.

Kartra campaigns feature

Tagging Contacts

Examples of how to apply your tags will also be available. All you have to do is to give your tag a name. Consequently, that tag will become available during the automation process. Additionally, you can assign the tag to forms.

Kartra Broadcasts

You will be able to use Kartra’s broadcast tool to notify your email subscribers about a new video, webinar, blog post, or to give an announcement. SMS is another great tool you can utilize when using Kartra’s broadcast option.

Kartra Email Automation

You will have access to an automation workflow builder, which is also referred to as a sequence builder. This builder works like that of any other email marketing platform such as ActiveCampaign, for instance.

Find out more about Kartra’s email marketing capabilities here.

Marketing Campaigns

Kartra has an in-built marketing automation function. Therefore, what you have to do is figure out the automation triggers and actions on Kartra’s platform, which will allow you to create tailor-made or behavioral-based marketing campaigns.

If you decide to build your campaigns from scratch, you will need to add all the information you have created about the campaign. On the other hand, if you decide to use Kartra’s “done for you” templates, the software will do all the hard work for you.

You should use the ready-made templates until you become familiar and comfortable with the platform. With that in mind, Kartra gives you access to 5 different campaigns, which you can select or utilize based on your marketing goals.

Just like with the ClickFunnels share funnel facility, you can also purchase custom landing pages and sales funnels from other community members.

Kartra Membership Sites

Kartra has a membership option, which you can use to keep track of your members. You will see the list of memberships on your “My Memberships” tab. This section has various options including editing, moderation, login, as well as the member’s option.

You will be able to filter your members using various parameters. Kartra allows you to add free members to your member’s list, or offer free membership by creating a visitors form.

The Kartra membership site feature

Find out more about Kartra membership sites here.

Kartra Video Marketing

Video marketing gives you access to organic reach. You can use videos to promote different products. You can upload the videos using Kartra’s video uploading system. Additionally, you can add a call to action at the beginning, middle, or end of your videos.

Kartra’s video system can recall when someone stops viewing the video halfway. Therefore, you can incorporate a follow-up marketing strategy to encourage them to finish the video or find out what they need.

Hosting your videos within your Kartra membership site

Find out more about Kartra’s video marketing capabilities here.

Kartra Help Desk

The CRM function of Kartra is also pretty slick. You can fully customize and brand your help desk to look more professional to your customers.

You can funnel tickets to specific departments, utilize canned responses, and even have multi-agent collaboration working on tickets if needs be.

With Kartra Help Desk you will not need to rely on an external service like ZenDesk or FreshDesk.

The Kartra customer relations feature

Find out more about Kartra’s CRM system here.

Kartra Pros and Cons


  • Everything you need is in one place, which saves you time and money
  • The on-boarding process is seamless
  • The design of the interface is high quality and consistent
  • Includes an affiliate module
  • Built-in email marketing and automation
  • Accessibility to membership and course portal
  • Video hosting capability
  • Ready-made marketing campaigns
  • Accessibility to dedicated live chat or help desk
  • Easy to use for those who are not tech-savvy
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Some templates are not customizable
  • The drag and drop editor has a lot of steps
  • The interface has occasional glitches
  • It might take time for you to learn how to build funnels in the beginning

Kartra Pricing

You can take advantage of their 14 day trial for $1 so that you can test the software.

The plans are broken down into 4 pricing categories:

  • Starter plan ($99/month and $79/month when billed annually): 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails per month, 100 pages, 20 products, and 100 automations
  • Silver plan ($199/month and $149/month when billed annually):12,500 contacts, 125,000 emails per month, and unlimited pages, products and automations
  • Gold Plan ($299/month and $249/month when billed annually): 25,000 contacts, 250,000 emails per month, unlimited pages, products, and automations
  • Platinum plan ($499/month and $379/month when billed annually): 50,000 contacts, 500,000 emails per month, and unlimited pages, products and automations

Check out Kartra’s pricing options in more detail here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an all-in-one business solution then I highly recommend using Kartra.

Even though they are the new kid on the block, their functionality is advanced and offers an excellent experience.

Kartra has quickly become a big competitor to many other landing page builders and is, therefore, a very good option if you’re looking for a solid ClickFunnels alternative. This is because they give you access to everything you need to grow your online business all in one place, and they do a good job of it too!

Apart from Kartra’s powerful features, you will have access to a system that will enable you to serve your target audience better at a much lower monthly subscription fee.

With everything under one roof, you will be able to minimize the costs associated with running several accounts on different platforms.

Additionally, you will be able to track, analyze, and refine your business strategies based on landing page conversions, video views, sign-ups, and funnel sales.

Adopting Kartra as your all-in-one internet marketing software program will certainly boost your ROI without having to depend on multiple third parties.

Why not give it a try for $1 today?

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