Connecting a Custom App To ClickFunnels API

One great benefit of using ClickFunnels is the number of partners that can be directly integrated.

With a few clicks of a button, you can quickly and easily set up your applications on how you want them.

Below is a list of applications that are currently (at the time of writing this) available for direct integration from within your account.

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Apps Currently Available In ClickFunnels

With a few clicks, you can easily integrate with these services.

What If You Want to Integrate ClickFunnels With an App Not On The List

If you’re wanting to integrate your account with another application that is not on the list above then the easiest way you can do that is by using Zapier.

As Zapier connects to more or less every software program or app on the market, this will definitely be your best option.

All you need to do is go to the “Settings” tab in the specific funnel you want to hook up and choose one of the Zaps listed under the Zapier section.

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What If You Have a Custom App To Integrate With ClickFunnels

If you’re a software developer and you have your own custom app that you want to use and you think will also be useful for other ClickFunnels users then your best bet would be to reach out to their tech support.

ClickFunnels support is super helpful and usually, gets back to you pretty quickly. Just let them know what you want to do and see if they’ll put in a request to their development team to get you set up.

ClickFunnels are always looking to improve their product and are constantly adding new features, so it is highly likely they may also consider integrating your custom app too!

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While you’re waiting on their support to integrate your app, I’d suggest also concentrating on developing your app to be integrable with Zapier, and then you can connect t it to ClickFunnels through Zapier.

But if you’re a developer then I’m sure you’ve probably already thought of that.

Since Zapier connects with ClickFunnels, this will be the simplest way to get it done.

Zapier has a free plan, but if you need to upgrade the paid plan then it starts from as little as $19 per month.

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How To Have Huge Success With ClickFunnels

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