How To Benefit From The ClickFunnels Marketplace

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The ClickFunnels marketplace is an awesome resource for members that can be leveraged in several ways.

The marketplace was created not too long after the company launched, so it has been around now for a while.

People go to the marketplace for different reasons. Some go there to find resources that can help them in their business or that they can sell on to there clients and customers, while others use it as an additional revenue stream.

Leveraging The ClickFunnels Marketplace

Earn Passive Income On The Marketplace

As I mentioned earlier, some people use this resource to make money. Basically, the main reason the marketplace exists is to give users the option to sell their funnels to other members. Pretty cool, right!

If you’re also wanting to list your funnels on the marketplace and earn passive income from their sales then here are a few tips that ClickFunnels recommend you follow:

  1. Use a catchy headline that will grab people’s attention
  2. Create a PDF to tell people what your funnel can do. The long-form style works best
  3. If your funnel has been market-tested then also include the stats such as any sales and conversion date you have
  4. Add several screenshots of your funnel to your listing so it’s clear what you are selling
  5. Use a VSL to sell your funnel

If you want to get your funnels listed and ready for people to buy there you can sign up to the marketplace here

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Find Cool Funnel Designs To Use Yourself Or Sell

If you’re needing anything from a lead funnel to an eCommerce funnel that has been tried, tested, and proven to convert then you can shortcut the “make it yourself” route and just go to the marketplace to buy one.

While some funnels listed will not be tried and tested, there are also several that do actually have metrics to prove that the funnels convert.

While a pre-tested funnel will be more expensive, it will likely save you thousands of dollars and a ton of time building and testing one yourself so if you’ve got the cash to buy one then this is a good option.

While there are quite a few sellers to choose from, these three are currently the top sellers on the marketplace:

  • Charles Robinson
  • Blake Nubar
  • Chris Murray

You can search specifically for one of these guys on the marketplace to see the funnels they currently have listed for sale.

If they’re a bit out of your price range then you can just search of other up and coming sellers.

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Find a ClickFunnels Certified Partner

If you’re wanting to work on one with a ClickFunnels Certified Partner then the marketplace is where to find them.

The certified partners have been through an intensive training program and not only know the ins and outs of ClickFunnels, but they are also masters of funnel design and launching a business online.

You can find a partner you resonate with and reach out to them for their help.

If you go this route then you’re far more likely to have success in a shorter space of time as you will have a highly qualified person helping you along the way.

If buying a pre-tested funnel or working with a certified partner are out of your price range then there is an alternative option.

If you’re on a budget but you still want to be a huge success online then I would highly recommend investing in the Funnel Builder Secrets package.

This package is the only discount that ClickFunnels offers and contains all the training courses you will need to find a niche, build your funnel, get traffic to your offers and bring in the sales. You will also get access to use the full ClickFunnels suite for a six or twelve-month period, saving you hundreds of dollars on your membership.

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