GroovePages Review – What You Need To Know

Update: I am no longer recommending any of the GrooveFunnels products due to technical issues. The best all-in-one business platform alternative that also has a free-for-life plan is Systeme. You can try Systeme here.

GroovePages is one of the latest funnel and landing page builders on the market, and it’s been causing quite a storm.

It’s already got thousands of business owners to switch from other popular alternatives, and in this detailed GroovePages review I’m gonna tell you why.

At the moment it’s currently free to get a GroovePages account since it’s currently in beta.

However, when GroovePages officially launches, well, after its launch period, which will finish around mid-October 2020, GroovePages will no longer be free.

But if you act fast and create a free GroovePages account before this time then you’ll get free access to it for life.

This sounds good, but do you really need it?

You ca use GroovePages to do the following:

  • Quickly create landing pages
  • Build funnels
  • Build a complete website
  • Build an email list
  • Promote your own physical or digital products
  • Promote affiliate products

When I first took a look at GroovePages I immediately saw the potential of it, so I upgraded to a paid plan.

I took advantage of the lifetime upgrade, which means I get access to the complete GrooveFunnels suite, of which GroovePages is just a small part.

If you sign up for a free GroovePages account now before the launch is over then you’ll also have the opportunity to taker the lifetime deal on GrooveFunnels.

Of course, you don’t have to, but if it’s a good fit for you then you will have the option.

If you want to see the full range of benefits and features on the upgraded plan then you can find out more about GrooveFunnels here.

Who Created GroovePages?

Mike Filsaime, the creator of several super-successful software companies including Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar, he is also the guy behind GroovePages.

As you can imagine, Mike’s got a great track record and a lot of credibility in the industry.

Mike’s company is called GrooveDigital, and GrooveFunnels is his new all-in-one business software toolkit, of which, GroovePages is one of the primary features.

Mike and his business partner, John Cornetta, have managed to get more than 75,000 people to open a GroovePages of GrooveFunnels account even before they have officially launched.

To put this in perspective, one of Groove’s leading competitors, ClickFunnels, has around 120,000 users at the time of writing this article.

The GrooveFunnels founders

GroovePages Features – What You Get

Now I’m gonna tell you about the GroovePages features and benefits so you can have a clear idea of exactly what you can do with it and how it may also benefit your business.

Unlimited Sales Funnels and Landing Pages

GroovePages has many incredible features, but one of the best is its unlimited landing pages and sales funnels that you can create.

Furthermore, you never have to pay extra for the feature, unlike most other landing page and funnel builders that limit the number of pages you can have in your account, unless you pay them more money, of course.

Using the landing page builder is also very simple.

Allowing for unlimited pages and funnels in your account is just the tip of the iceberg in the way that GroovePages is outdoing its competitors.

For example, ClickFunnels charges $297 a month for an account with unlimited pages and funnels.

GroovePages, on the other hand, charges a one-time fee of $497 for life, so at the moment GroovePages is a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels.

However, be aware that when GroovePages is out of beta, there will different pricing that begins at $99 per month.

GroovePages Website Builder

When it comes to easy to use website builders, GroovePages is one of the best examples I’ve seen so far.

I’d say it’s arguably as powerful as WordPress’ new editor, known as Gutenberg.

With this website building tool, you can build all kinds of landing pages, funnels and even create and design a fully-functional website.

Not only that but it will also rank well in Google and have superior page load speed times to its rivals.

And did I mention that you also won’t need to pay anything for a hosting account?

Nope, Groove even provides the hosting for you, so you’ll also save money on your web hosting costs.

Websites created with GroovePages can include menus and navigation pages. You’ll find that most page builders can’t do this.

Using the Groove page builder, you can easily add text, change colors, increase or reduce font sizes, and more.

For example, if I wanted to resize the image below, all I have to do is click it and look to the menu options on the right. In that section, I can easily manipulate the image as I please.

The GroovePages image editor

The canvas used on the website editor is both intuitive and simple to use. It’s easy to customize your work by simply clicking on a block of text and changing the content.

The GroovePages text editor

Design Complete Websites with Navigation and Funnel Pages

Using GroovePages you no longer have to worry about creating a complete website from scratch yourself, or paying an expensive designer to build it for you.

Being a website builder myself, and knowing how much time and effort goes into it, this one of the main reasons I recommend GroovePages to my clients and customers.

The website editor is intuitive, fun to use, and has been created with some of the latest software tech on the market today.

I also particularly like that I can create both my website and funnel from one dashboard and connect them easily, since they both operate using the same tech.

This alone makes it much less likely that your business will have integration glitches.

With that being said, some of the elements do malfunction sometimes, but that’s because GroovePages is still currently in beta.

However Mike and his team are always on it, and they aim to make it solid and reliable software program by the time the official launch date comes round in October 2020.

Their aim is to make it even more robust and reliable than the other leading landing page builders in the industry.

If you’re not tech-savvy, or if you’ve never built a website or landing page before, then GroovePage is a great option for you.

The pre-designed blocks are great for those who want to get their website or landing page set up and functioning quickly, without having to spend months learning how to do it.

All you have to do is click the “Blocks” tab located on the left panel, then drag and drop the blocks into the editor.

The GroovePages blocks tab
The blocks feature

Once the blocks are in place, you can then simply change the text to whatever you want, and customise the features if you need to.

In my opinion, using GroovePages will save you save lot of time.

Wireframe Blocks

Another great feature of GroovePages is Wireframes.

If you want to do a good job, then you’ll want to plan your site before you design it.

Wireframes will help to map out the design of your website, landing pages and funnels so you can then work quickly to implement.

In other words, they provide you with a visual framework for your site.

This feature will also be great for web designers who want to sell their services and show wireframes to potential customers.

This helps to walk a client through a website’s structure before you spend the time creating it.

The other page builders and drag-and-drop editors on the market don’t have a wireframe feature.

Email Marketing Integration

One of the most important things any online business can do is to build and nurture an email list.

GroovePages also integrates with over 20 leading autoresponders, including ConvertKit, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and more.

If there’s a software program you want to integrate with that’s not on Groove’s integration list, no worries. Groove integrates with Zapier, which then allows you to integrate with anything.

If you upgrade to a paid GrooveFunnels plan then you’ll also get the use of Groove’s own built-in email autoresponder, known as GrooveMail.

Up-sell and Down-sell Pages

GroovePages allows you to use up-sell and down-sell pages in your funnels, even in the free version of GroovePages.

Using up-sell and down-sell pages is a great way to lead your customers through your funnel and show them then exact products that may benefit them the most.

This way, you are able to considerably increase the the value you can offer to your customers, and, of course, the sales that you will make in the process.

If someone does not take you up on your up-sell offer, then you can divert them to a lower priced down-sell option, before they are lead to the ckecouet page.

Your up-sell and down-sell pages will integrate directly with GrooveSell, so your customers’ shopping cart will by dynamically updated depending on which products they choose to buy form you as they move through your funnel.

Order Bumps

Another essential parts of a good sales funnel it help you increase your revenue is the Order Bump feature.

Order bumps are the equivalent of the candy rack that is strategically placed next to the checkout in the supermarket. It aims to tempt the customer to buy more things at the moment when they’re about to complete their purchase.

When you incorporate order bumps, it allows you to add an eye-catching and stylish product option that your customers can take advantage of with one click.


GrooveSell is Groove’s is Groove’s very own digital sales platform. It allows you to take payment from your customers.

You can use GrooveSell to create coupon codes and promo offers, take payment for physical products, digital products, create subscription plans, recurring billing and more.


GrooveAffiliate is Groove’s affiliate management tool. It allows you to create your own affiliate program for your products so you can recruit affiliates to promote your products for you.

You can manage your entire affiliate program from insider your GrooveFunnels. You can keep track of high-performing affiliates, view your stats and manage your affiliate payouts all from within your Groove dashboard.

This is another surprising feature to be included on the free GroovePages Base plan, as all other marketing SaaS solutions charge for this tool.

For example, if you’re using ClickFunnels then you need to pay for their Platinum account at $297 per month to be able to use this feature, but with groovePages you get it free.

The GrooveAffiliate dashboard

Free Hosting & Bandwidth

As I mentioned earlier, when you use GroovePages you also get free hosting for your websites, funnels and landing pages.

If you have a monthly subscription with Groove then you’ll get free hosting for as long as your payment plan is active.

However if you’ve bought the one-time-payment lifetime deal of GrooveFunnels then you’ll get free hosing for life.

If you compare this to the web hosting costs you’d otherwise need to pay for with a 3rd party hosting provider, you’ll save hundreds of dollars per year.

Here’s an example of how much you’d save on hosting costs when you use GroovePages compared to some popular hosting companies out there:

Hosting CoPrice Per YrPlan
WP Engine$420Starter
GroovePagesFreeGrooveFunnels Hosting
Hosting pricing comparisons

Unlimited Custom Domains

GroovePages allows you to use unlimited custom domains.

Compare this to ClickFunnels who only allows you to use up to 3 custom domains on their starter plan at $99 per month, and 9 custom domains on their Platinum plan for $297 per month.


Pop-ups are a great conversion tool. You can use them to collect email addresses, or simply to promote a product.

I use popups in my business on several websites I own. When I use them to collect emails they make a huge difference to how quickly I can build my list.

And on the sites where I use them to promote as product, I have found that they are also effective in increasing my conversion rate.

To use the pop-up feature in GroovePages, all you do is go to the left panel, click on the “Pop-ups” button, then click “create new pop-up.”


You’ll also have the option to set the pop-up to appear based on certain perimeters, such as:

  • After a certain amount of time
  • On exit intent
  • When a person scrolls down a certain percentage of your site

Embed Videos

The use of video is extremely important nowadays online. Fortunately, you can easily embed a video from a location sauce as YouTube or Vimeo, on any of your pages.

This is really helpful if you want to use a video sales letter (VSL) on your landing page, or if you simply want to embed a video in one of your pages to help you explain a point.

Google Maps

GroovePages integrates directly with Google Maps. This is a great feature for local businesses.

This feature will, of course, help your customers find you. However, it will also give you additional SEO benefits and help your pages rank in Google’s organic map listings in Google search.

If you run a local business then you already understand how important this is.

Countdown Timers

Countdown times are a great way to provide urgency, and they can increase your conversion rate considerably.

By setting an end time for a special offer that you’re running, you can create urgency and scarcity in the minds of your visitors.

This will help your customers to make a decision quickly and take you upon ion your offer, and it will also help to increase your sales.

Countdown timers

Code Embed

You can create pretty much anything you want in GroovePages. And to make the whole process easier, they’ve included a list of block elements that you can simply drag and drop into place, as I explained earlier.

However if there’s something you want to create on your pages that the Groove support team haven’t thought of yet, then you can use the embed code element.

This helps you increase the overall functionality of what you can do with GroovePages.

Progress Bars

GroovePages also allows you to use progress bars, which is an excellent conversion tool.

Use them on pop-ups and landing pages so that your visitors can see how many steps they need to complete to move through your funnels.

Embed Checkout Forms

With GroovePages, you can quickly and easily embed your checkout forms into your checkout pages.

The Groove Academy Library has loads of training videos to show you how to do anything you need to do in GroovePages, including how to use the embed checkout forms feature.

Viral Marketing Integration

As I mentioned earlier, Groove CEO, Mike Filsaime, is known for his expertise in marketing.

Groove Digital is currently working on integrating one of Mike’s marketing concepts, known as Butterfly Marketing.

Similar to viral marketing, the Butterfly Marketing concept is based on the theory that when a butterfly flaps its wings, a tiny change happens in the atmosphere, and a tidal wave of events trigger virally.

Mike has had tremendous success using this principal in his own marketing campaigns and launched a product around this concept in 2016.

It was so successful and lead to many positive results for a lot of people, and since has revolutionized the digital marketing industry.

SEO Friendly

When you get organic traffic for free, it’s one of the best things you can do for your business.

This kind of traffic is highly targeted and comes from potential customers who are actively searching for your products and services.

Paid traffic, also known as interruption marketing is great to get you in the door quickly, but it’s expensive to maintain.

On the other hand, SEO can help you to sustain a steady flow of traffic long-term.

With GroovePages, you can do all the important on-page optimization requirements, way beyond that of any other page builder.

Here are some of the SEO techniques you will be able to apply in GroovePages:

  • Create a page title around your target keywords
  • Add a Favicon to represent what your website stands for on Google
  • Make edits to your permalinks with your target keywords keyword
  • Create a meta description on your webpage the way you want it to look on Google search
  • Use H1, H2, and H3 heading tags

Google Analytics and Tracking

To make better decisions in your business, you need data.

In GroovePages, you can add Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and additional tracking codes to your pages so you can then access your vital stats from within your Groove dashboard.

If you know important information like the geographical locations of your visitors, which pages they visit, what devices they use to access your site, what traffic sources are bringing you the most visitors, what keywords your customers are searching, etc, then you can significantly improve your marketing efforts.

Importing Funnels

Importing funnels is a fantastic feature that ClickFunnels offers.

Fortunately, you can also do this with GroovePages too!

I’ve not tested this feature out myself yet, but I think that GroovePages is able to clone pretty much any page, website or funnel on the web, not just other pages and sites built with GroovePages.

I need to play around with GroovePages a little more to confirm this first, but at the moment I believe this is possible.

Free SSL Certificate

Today, all websites need to use an SSL certificate to keep user’s data secure.

Google now also includes the use of a valid SSL certificate as a ranking factor. This means that you’ll get a slight ranking benefit just by using an SSL. It’s all part of Google’s plan to make the internet more secure.

It’s also important to know that many browsers, including Chrome and Firefox won’t show a page if it doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate.

With a free CloudFlare account, you can install a free SSL certificate onto any of your pages built with GroovePages.

GroovePages LITE vs GroovePages Pro

By now, you probably realise that there’s a groovePages LITE and a GroovePages Pro.

Basically, the GroovePages LITE is the version you can currently get for free if you sign up for a GroovePages account before the end of the promotional period in October 2020.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who did sign up for one of these accounts in time then you’ll have access to GroovePages LITE for life.

Here’s a closer look at what you get with each account.

GroovePages LITE/Base

When you sign up for the Base plan, you get GroovePages LITE.

With the GroovePages LITE, or the Base plan, you basically get everything we’ve talked about so far in this article.

I’m sure you, like me, would agree that that’s a pretty awesome set of features to get for free!

You can also promote GroovePages and GrooveFunnels as an affiliate and earn a 20% recurring monthly commission on everyone you sign up.

You can find out more about the GrooveFunnels affiliate program here.

With the paid plan, however, you’ll get access to the full GrooveFunnels suite which, of course, includes a lot more features.

GroovePages LITE helps you get started and is the best free suite of marketing tools that I have come across, but it’s limited.

For example, you won’t be able to use GrooveMail to build your email list, so you’ll need to pay for a 3rd party autoresponder service to collect subscribers and mail your list.

Here’s a breakdown of all the features you get with GroovePages LITE:

  • GroovePages
  • GrooveSell
  • Groove Affiliate
  • 20% Affiliate Commissions (when you promote GrooveFunnels)
  • Wireframe Blocks
  • Premium Blocks Starter Pack
  • One Funnel Template
  • 3 Project Suites
  • 3 Funnels
  • Free Hosting
  • Custom Domain Use
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Website Builder
  • Free For Life
  • Pop-Ups
  • CountDown Timers
  • Progress Bars
  • Free SSL

GroovePages PRO

Now let’s look at GroovePages Pro, which is basically the same as a paid GrooveFunnels plan.

There’s a whole range of additional features you can get with GroovePages Pro, or a paid GrooveFunnels account. However, which features will depend on the pricing plan you choose.

If you want to upgrade to a paid GrooveFunnels account then you have 4 options:

  1. GrooveFunnels Silver – $99 per month
  2. GrooveFunnels Gold – $199 per month
  3. GrooveFunnels Platinum – $299 per month
  4. Get the promotional lifetime upgrade offer – $1,397 one time payment

The promotional lifetime upgrade offer of $1,397 one time payment will give you lifetime access to the GrooveFunnels Platinum account without having to pay anything else every again.

You will also get access to all future Groove features and apps for life.

If you think the one-time payment lifetime plan is a good fit for you and you want to check if it’s still available, you will need to first create a free GroovePages account and then go to the ‘Upgrade’ section in your dashboard to apply for the upgrade.

Here are the additional features that are available on the paid plans:

  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveWebinars
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GrooveQuiz
  • Project Sites
  • Project Pages
  • Large Template Library (new ones added every Friday)
  • Websites
  • Funnels
  • Bandwidth
  • Royalty Free Images
  • Split Testing
  • Analytics
  • Add Team Members
  • Agency Feature
  • Import Funnels
  • Unlimited Custom Domains

If you’re promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate and you’re on the Silver or Gold plan then you’ll still receive 20% recurring monthly commissions on the people you sign up as well as an additional 5% on tier-2 affiliate sign-ups.

If you’re on the Platinum plan, or if you paid for the one-time lifetime GrooveFunnels deal then you will receive 40% recurring monthly commissions on the people you sign up as well as an additional 10% on tier-2 affiliate sign-ups.

Here’s a closer look at some of the main, additional features on a paid account.


GrooveMail is Groove’s own built-in autoresponder service with very generous subscriber allowances.

For example, on the lowest priced paid account (the Silver Plan), you can have up to 25,000 email subscribers in your account before you need to upgrade.

GrooveMail has already been rolled out, however, like most of the tools in GrooveFunnels, the Groove team are continuing to improve it.

They aim to make the functionality and automation on par, if not better than autoresponder powerhouses like ActiveCampaign in time.

You can find out more about this email autoresponder service here in my GrooveMail review.


GrooveMember is Groove’s own membership area.

You can use it to create paid or free membership areas and set up subscription services using GrooveSell.


GrooveVideo allows you to host all your videos for free.

Hosting your videos on YouTube and then embedding them into a page is okay, but if a person clicks on your video they are then take to YouTube and leave your page. This is a big problem if the video the person is watching is your sales video.

The second reason that using YouTube is not ideal is that after your videos have finished playing, YouTube will then show your site visitors other suggested videos to watch after. This can distract them form taking action on your offer.

The alternative would be to pay for a service like Vimeo or Wistia. But these services can cost you hundreds of dollars per year.

If you’re a Pro GrooveFunnels member then you can host all your videos with Groove for free and not have to worry about any of these issues.


GrooveBlog is Groove’s blogging platform that will allow you to completely run your blog from inside your Groove dashboard.

Since GroovePages uses HTML to build your pages and websites, it also fully supports a blogging feature.

Most importantly, websites and blogs that are created with GroovePages will be able to rank in Google.

This feature is coming soon.


GrooveWebinars allows you to host and run webinars form inside your Groove account at no extra charge if you are a paid Groove member.

You will be able to run both live and pre-recorded webinars with Groove and even integrate your webinars with GrooveCalendar to schedule your events, and GrooveSell to take payments for any products you sell during or after the webinar.

And, of course, GrooveWebinar will integrate with GrooveMail, so you can communicate with our audience and then them know when your events will be held.


GrooveDesk is your online support desk. If you run a business that also needs to offer customer support then you can operate your help desk inside your Groove account and save money on any 3rd party services like ZenDesk.

If you have a VA that handles support for you, then you will be able to create a Team Member account access so they can login and manage all your support tickets on your behalf.


GrooveCalendar simply allows you to keep track of your tasks, and schedule your events and important meetings.


If you have access to GrooveSurvey then you will no longer need to pay for a service life SurveyMonkey.

You can run surveys to your customers to gather important information to help you improve, or you can run an ‘ask campaign’ to find out what products they would like you to create next.


GrooveQuiz is a great tool to help you create more engagement on your website.

Depending on your market, many people love interacting with quizzes. Not only do they help you to create more engagement, but they can also help you to collect valuable information form your audience that can help you to market to them better in the future.

GroovePages Review – Final Thoughts

GroovePages is an awesome suite of highly useful software tools that can help you to launch or scale your business to the next level.

The GroovePages Base plan is an incredible offer that is completely free for life at this time.

I don’t know how long GroovePages will be free for, but it is at the moment, so I highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to get your own free GroovePages lifetime account while you still can.

As you can see from this GroovePages review, GrooveFunnels Pro is set to be the most advanced all-in-one online marketing software suite. Considering all you get with it, the paid plans are well worth it.

If you, like me, also think that the one-time payment of $1,379 for lifetime access to the GrooveFunnels Platinum account then you can get your account below.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that some of the links contained in this article are affiliate links. If you click on one of my links and then make a purchase, I may receive compensation for the referral, at no extra cost to you. Any commissions I do earn through this blog enable me to continue to provide you with all this awesome, free content. Thank you.

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