GrooveMail Review – Is This Email Solution Worth It?

Update: I am no longer recommending any of the GrooveFunnels products due to technical issues. The best all-in-one business platform alternative that also has a free-for-life plan is Systeme. Systeme also offers email marketing automation, so it is a great alternative to GrooveMail. You can try Systeme here.

GrooveMail is one of the core apps inside the GrooveFunnels suite. Since GrooveFunnels launched in 2020 a lot of people have been asking all kinds of questions about this autoresponder solution that is part of Groove.

Here is my GrooveMail review to help you understand more about this email service and if it’s right for you.

GrooveFunnels has now officially launched along with most of the apps and features, including GrooveMail. However, since GrooveMail is one of the primary apps it is constantly undergoing modifications and advancement.

The reason for this is because Groove wants to, in time, make GrooveMail one of the most powerful email autoresponders on the market.

This, of course, will take time, however, it’s already pretty damn good!

This article is a closer look at GrooveMail, however, if you’re ready to try it out for yourself then you can click the button below to try it out for free.

GrooveMail Review – What Is grooveMail?

GrooveMail is the email autoresponder feature inside GrooveFunnels. It is one of the primary 14 apps that come with GrooveFunnels.

GrooveMail will pretty much do anything that most autoresponders on the market will do. However, it is a more affordable way for a business to run their email campaigns, especially if they are making use of any of the other apps that come with GrooveFunnels.

GrooveMail is new and cutting edge, with a clean and user-friendly dashboard.

Since GrooveMail is one of the primary Groove apps, it has a dedicated developmental team who are continuously improving GrooveMail with the aim to make it one of the best autoresponders in the marketplace.

GrooveMail is good for both beginner and advanced marketers. It automatically integrates with any other app inside of GrooveFunnels, which can save you a lot of time setting things up. However, it will also integrate with a wide range of other software programs. See more below on the GrooveMail integrations.

What Can I Do With GrooveMail?

GrooveMail is a complete email autoresponder suite. When you use this app you will be able to do the following:

  • Import lists and contacts
  • Set up autoresponder sequences
  • Send broadcasts
  • Use email segmentation
  • Use tags
  • Integrate with your websites, landing pages, and funnels
  • Track your campaigns with analytics

GrooveMail Integrations

If you want to use GrooveMail in conjunction with a third-party service then you will be pleased to hear that GrooveMail does allow integrations.

Currently here are the integrations that are available:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • CampaignMonitor
  • WebForm
  • GoToWebinar
  • LeadLovers
  • Mautic
  • Perkzilla
  • PipeDrive
  • ProductDyno
  • WebinarJam

I believe more integrations will be coming soon.

GrooveMail Analytics

Like all good autoresponders, GrooveMail comes with an analytics section. Here are just some of the analytics that GrooveMail reports on:

  • Open rates
  • Delivery rates
  • Click-through rates
  • Active contacts
  • Campaign tracking

GrooveMail Pricing

GrooveMail comes as part of GrooveFunnels, so you cannot pay for the GrooveMail alone.

However, GrooveFunnels has 4 pricing plans, including a completely free plan.

So that means that you can sign up for a free Groove account and also use GrooveMail.

Of course, the number of subs you can have as well as how many emails you can send per month will be limited on the free account.

Here is an example of the contacts and sending limits that you can have with GrooveMail:

GrooveFunnels Free Plan

If you have a free GrooveFunnels account then inside your GrooveMail app you can have up to 500 contacts and send up to 5,000 emails per month.

GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Plan

If you choose to pay for GrooveFunnels on the one-time lifetime deal then you can have up to 10,000 contacts, and the ability to send unlimited emails per month.

The cool thing about GrooveMail and the amount of contacts that you can have is that, if you pay for the lowest priced plan at $99 per month and you want more email subscribers in GrooveMail, but you do not want to upgrade your entire GrooveFunnels monthly payment plan then you can reach out to Groove support and only pay for additional email subs while staying on the same GrooveFunnels plan.

That’s pretty cool!

Besides just paying for an autoresponder, you also get access to all the other tools including a website and landing page builder, sales funnels, hosted webinars, a video hosting platform, membership sites, a shopping cart solution, and an affiliate management dashboard.

Basically, you get A LOT for your money.

You can find out more about the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal here.

Now, let’s put this into perspective and compare the GrooveMail pricing with a few other autoresponders on the market.

GrooveMail Vs GetResponse

On the lowest-priced GrooveFunnels account at $99 per month, you can have up to 10,000 contacts.

Compare this to GetResponse on a plan that only offers some of the benefits you get with Groove and you’ll need to pay $165 per month for 10,000 subs.

GrooveMail Vs ActiveCampaign

If you went with ActiveCampaign then you’re looking at $125 per month on their most basic plan with limited autoresponder features.

GrooveMail Vs Aweber

If you went with Aweber, who is one of the most affordable autoresponders in the industry then you’d pay $69 per month. However, you would not get all the other features that GrooveFunnels offer.

If you are only looking for an autoresponder and the price was your primary consideration then Aweber may be a better choice for you.

However, if you want an autoresponder with more advanced automation and segmentation features, and you want to use at least one of the other apps that come with GrooveFunnels then you’ll be better off with Groove, in my opinion.

GrooveMail FAQ’s

With any new software product, you may have a few questions before you decide to use GrooveMail. Here are some of the most common questions that people have been asking.

Can You Get GrooveMail For Free?

Yes, as of recently, Groove has changed the features that come with the free GrooveFunnels plan.

When they first launched, the free plan only came with the GroovePages app, GrooveSell app, and the GrooveAffiliate app.

However, as of very recently, People who sign up for the free GrooveFunnels plan get access to all the apps, including GrooveMail.

Can I Import Lists And External Contacts In GrooveMail?

Yes, if you already have an email list hosted with another autoresponder company and you want to switch to GrooveMail, then you will be able to import your lists and contacts so you can move your subscribers over to your Groove account.

Can I Send SMS Messages With GrooveMail?

Yes, GrooveMail has a feature to send SMS messages to your subscribers in GrooveMail. This function is not yet fully operational but is coming soon.

Can GrooveMail Resend Emails Automatically To People Who Have Not Opened?

This feature is part of the automation in GrooveMail and will be coming very soon.

Can I Promote GrooveMail As An Affiliate?

You can’t promote GrooveMail directly, but you can promote it by being an advocate for GrooveFunnels because it is part of the GrooveFunnels app.

You can become an affiliate if you are a free or paid member. However, your commission level will be different depending on whether you are a paid or free user.

You can find out more about the GrooveFunnels affiliate program here.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if you sign up for a free or paid GrooveFunnels account, it’s clear that you’ll get lots of benefits.

GrooveMail is live and you can start using it straight away, all the while it is constantly being developed to make it even better over time.

If you want a great deal on the number of email subscribers you can have in your account for the price you pay then using GrooveMail is a great choice.

If you’re purely shopping around for an autoresponder based on price alone then go for Aweber.

However, if you want more powerful autoresponder features, and you want to use any of the other apps that come with Groove that I’ve listed in this GrooveMail review, such as the landing page builder, video hosting, members areas, etc, then GrooveFunnels is the way to go, in my opinion.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that some of the links contained in this article are affiliate links. If you click on one of my links and then make a purchase, I may receive compensation for the referral, at no extra cost to you. Any commissions I do earn through this blog enable me to continue to provide you with all this awesome, free content. Thank you.

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