GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program Review

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If you’re a new or seasoned affiliate marketer then you’re gonna want to take advantage of the new GrooveFunnels affiliate program, and the earlier the better.

GrooveFunnels seems to have come out of no where, and they’re gathering momentum fast!

With over 75,000 users signed up even before their official launch date, GrooveFunnels is looking like it’s gonna be a new market powerhouse.

If you want to get started right away as a Groove affiliate, then all you need to do is sign up for a free GroovePages account, and you’re automatically approved.

Here I tell you everything you need to know about promoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate.

How to Sign Up For The GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program?

It’s really simple to join the Groove affiliate program. All you need to do is sign up for a free GroovePages account and you’re automatically approved as a GrooveFunnels affiliate.

At the moment, GrooveFunnels are looking to recruit a lot of affiliates to get the word out about their new software. However, like most other companies, in the future it may not be so easy to get into the affiliate program.

It’s not been talked about yet, but this is going on my own experience of working as an affiliate for over 8 years.

Once a company becomes popular they will not need as many affiliates to promote them. So in time, it is possible that there may be a more stringent vetting process to become an affiliate.

That’s why now is the best time to join the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

Even if you don’t have time to promote them right now, I highly recommend you sign up for a free GroovePages account so you will automatically be approved into the affiliate program.

How Does The GrooveFunnels JV and Affiliate Program Work?

Each time you sign someone up to GrooveFunnels the system locks that person to your account in a “parent-child relationship”, as founder, Mike Filsaime puts it.

This means your referral is tagged to you for life.

If at any point in the future they choose to upgrade from their free account to a paid GrooveFunnels account, you will still be credited the commission for the referral.

It doesn’t matter if they upgrade months or years later, from another device, or even if they’re in another country.

You will still be credited the commission for the referral.

If the person has signed up through your link then they will be locked to you. Once they upgrade, you will get the commission.

What Makes The Groove Affiliate Program So Good?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been working online as an affiliate for 8 years, at the time of writing this article.

So far, the Groove affiliate program is one of the best I have seen.

Let me explain why.

Tagged For Life

One key reason that makes me say this is that once someone signs up under you, no other affiliate can ever take your referral away from you.

Unfortunately, poaching is common in affiliate marketing, and some affiliate programs are even set up in a way that makes it very easy for someone to take your referrals from you.

I was so pleased to see that Mike and John at GrooveFunnels have intentionally built their affiliate software so this cannot happen in their affiliate program.

So, if someone has already clicked your link and signed up for a free account, but then later they visit someone else’s blog, or watch a YouTube video, click that affiliate’s link and then upgrade your plan, YOU, not the other affiliate will get the commission.

Cookies cannot be overwritten because GrooveFunnels does not use cookies.

It’s a pretty fair system.

Easy To Promote

GrooveFunnels is easy to promote as an affiliate, especially if you already have an audience in the digital marketing or online business niche.

Pretty much every online business that you can think of can benefit from using GrooveFunnels.

It just has so many useful features.

And at the moment, it’s super-easy to promote because all you need to do is recommend people to sign up for either a GroovePages or GrooveSell account for free.

During the time until GrooveFunnels’ promo launch finishes, anyone who signs up for a free account gets to keep the account for life and never have to pay anything, unless they want to upgrade to a Pro plan.

That’s an awesome deal, and is great for us affiliates to help us put free Groove accounts in the hands of the right people.

Current Conversion Rate Is 20%

At the moment, the conversion rate of someone who signs up for a free account and then upgrades to a paid account is 20%!

That means that 1 in 5 people who sign up through your link will upgrade. You will then get paid every single month, for as long as they keep their account active.

The Affiliate Dashboard

The GrooveFunnels affiliate dashboard is also pretty good. It’s well laid out and is very easy to find your links and promotional tools.

Where My Affiliate Links And Promo Tools Located?

To find your affiliate links and promo tools, simply log into your GrooveFunnels account (or GroovePages, whatever you signed up for) and click the button in the top left corner, titled, “Groove Affiliate Program”.

The GrooveFunnels affiliate dashboard button

Then, scroll down the page about half way. You will see an area titled, “Promotion Tools”. See the screenshot below.

Groove promo tools

In this section you can access the following:

  • Your affiliate links
  • Your promo tools
  • Your stats

What Promo Tools Do I Get?

Any good affiliate program will also provide you at least some promotional tools to make it easier you you to promote them.

GrooveFunnels has actually done a great job with the tools they’ve provided so far, and I believe there are more to come.

This section also has a welcome video showing you around the affiliate area, which is useful if you are new to affiliate marketing.

Here are the promotional tools that Groove have provided for you:

  • Email Swipes (pre-written emails ready for you to send to your list as is, or edit them if you want to)
  • Pre-Written Blog Posts and Articles
  • Banners
  • Thank You Page Ads
  • Logout Page Ads (useful if you run a members area)
  • Social Media Posts
  • Promo Videos
  • Ready To Go Facebook Ads
  • Ready To Use Email Signatures

How Groove Affiliates Get Paid

The company behind GrooveFunnels, GrooveDigital, use their own affiliate management and tracking system, which is known as GrooveAffiliate.

If you’ve signed up for either a free or paid GrooveFunnels account then you can also use this same software to recruit affiliates to promote your own products. That is, is you have your own products to sell.

As I previously mentioned in this article, if a person clicks your link and opens a free account and then upgrades to a paid account later, you then get paid.

And, of course, if they sign up directly for a paid account after clicking your link then you get paid.

Here is a great video by GrooveDigital’s CEO, Mike Filsaime, explaining exactly how the GrooveFunnels affiliate program works.

20% Commissions

If you are a free user of GroovePages or GrooveSell then you get 20% commissions for each paid member who has signed up through your link.

40% Commissions

If you have a paid GrooveFunnels account at either the Platinum level ($299 per month), or if you signed up as a GrooveFunnels Backer before or during the launch and you paid $1,397 as a one-time fee for the GrooveFunnels Platinum account then you will get paid 40% affiliate commissions on all your sign ups.

2-Tiered Affiliate Program

people networking

Another unique thing about the Groove affiliate program is that it is 2-tiered.

This means that you will also earn a smaller commission on any or the affiliate referrals made by anyone who has signed up under you.

If you are a free Groove user or if you are on the Silver ($99 pm) or Gold ($199 pm) plan, then besides the 20% commissions for all your direct referrals, you will also get an additional 5% commissions paid to you on anyone who signs up for a paid account through someone that you referred.

If, however, you are a GrooveFunnels Platinum member of a Backer, then you get 40% commissions on level one sign ups, and 10% on level 2 sign ups.

Since this affiliate program also pays monthly recurring payments, this can quickly add up!

If you’re on the 40% level and you sign up just one person who happens to be a big influencer (lucky, but it happens), this 10% you will receive on all of those referrals can be life-changing.

Besides being interested in using the GrooveFunnels software myself, the 40% and 10% tier-2 commission structure is the main reason I chose to pay the $1,397 to be a Groove Backer.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, and you think you can promote GrooveFunnels, then I highly recommend you do the same.

If you’re not yet a Groove user, but you wan to upgrade to a paid plan or you wan to be a Backer like me, all you ned to do is register for a free GroovePages account.

Then, in your dashboard, look for the “upgrade” button.

When Do Affiliates Get Paid?

GrooveFunnels pays its affiliates on a weekly basis. However, you will need to have made at least two sales before you start getting paid.

Since there is a 30 day money back guarantee when someone signs up for a paid Groove account, you will need top wait until this window has passed for you to be eligible to receive your commissions.

There is also a further 7 day period in case of refunds, so you will actually get paid around 37-42 days after the sale has been made.

When you first make a sale, it will show up in your account, but you will also see $0 next to the sale for 14 days. This is because the the is also a 14 day free trial period.

Once this 14 day trial period has passed, your commission amount due will show up in the statistics area of your GroooveAffiliate dashboard.

What Happens If I’m On 20% Commissions But I Upgrade Later To A Paid Plan?

This is a good question, and one I wondered about myself.

If you are already promoting Groove as a free member and, therefore, are receiving 20% commissions, but then you upgrade your own account later to become eligible to promote Groove and receive 40% commissions, then any sales made before the time you upgraded will still be paid to you at 20%. And any commissions you earned after the time you upgraded will be paid to you at 40%.

Can I Make Money As An Affiliate Promoting GrooveFunnels?

Yes, absolutely! There are lots of affiliates right now earning sizeable commissions promoting GrooveFunnels. Some are even earning a full-time income from their efforts.

Personally, I have only been promoting GrooveFunnels for 4 days as of the time of writing, and I have already signed up 10 people to the free plan, and one person has upgraded already to the lifetime deal at $1,397.

Since I have also bought the lifetime deal, I will receive 40% of this $1,397 sale.

If you don’t know how to effectively promote affiliate offers then I recommend you check out this affiliate SEO course.

How To Promote GrooveFunnels

people doing affiliate marketing online

There are lots of ways to promote GrooveFunnels online.

To promote any affiliate product successfully, it really comes down to two things:

  • What you like doing
  • Your skillset

For example, if you have to be on camera, but you’re a good writer then you might want to avoid YouTube. In this case, you may be better suited to blogging.

Whatever method you choose to use, just make sure you read and abide by the GrooveFunnels affiliate terms of service.

Of course, one of the best things you can do to promote any affiliate product is to use it yourself, so I highly recommend you at the very least play around with your free GroovePages account so you know what it does and you can then talk about it with confidence.

If you’re a serious affiliate then you’ll upgrade to one of the paid plans, or take their lifetime deal.

If you’re not sure exactly what Groove offers on their paid plans, you can see my GrooveFunnels review here.

Here are a few top ways that Groove affiliates are crushing it online:


Blogging is a great way to promote affiliate products online. However, it takes a lot of discipline and focus to stay consistent wiring and publishing continent.

If you want to get into blogging then you should also know that you’ll also need to learn SEO, which can take quite a while to become good at.

When you publish a new blog post, it usually takes a while until it starts receiving traffic, so you need to be okay with delayed gratification.

On the up side, blogging is one of the most passive affiliate marketing methods. Once your articles are ranking well they can sit in the search results and scoop up a lot of free traffic for a long time, with very little maintenance.


YouTube is a great way to promote affiliate products, and if you’re going to do it to promote Groove, then now’s the time to get started.

YouTube is one of the most popular ways for people to promote online, so after a while YouTube will soon become saturated with loads of GrooveFunnels promo videos.

To get an idea of what I mean, just go to YouTube and search anything related to ClickFunnels.

You will see a TON of videos on all kinds of ClickFunnels related topics. While it would be pretty difficult to get your ClickFunnels videos seen nowadays if you’re stating a new channel, if you get in now with Groove videos then you’re gonna be ahead of the competition.

Social Media

Networking on social media is an increasingly popular way to promote affiliate products online, and this can also work well for the GrooveFunnels affiliate program.

Most people you do this method start a Facebook group around a particular topic and grow an audience they can promote to.

This is one for he quickest and easiest ways to start earning good commissions as an affiliate online.

Paid ads is also a quick way to get started earning affiliate commissions online.

It’s great if you know what you’re doing with ads. However, if you don’t then it can soon get very expensive for you.

Some of the most popular types of ads to run are Google pay-per-click ads and Facebook ads.

Final Thoughts

If you want to earn good commissions online then the GrooveFunnels affiliate program is definitely a good one to join.

Grove have spent a lot of time providing you with good promotional tools for you to use in order to help make it as easy as possible for you to earn money promoting them.

you can still get in now on a free for live GroovePages account, or, if you’re a serious affiliate, you can upgrade to the one time payment lifetime Platinum account (like I did) and earn 40% recurring commissions and a further 10% on all tier-2 sign-ups.

Now is a great time to get started with this affiliate program and I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that some of the links contained in this article are affiliate links. If you click on one of my links and then make a purchase, I may receive compensation for the referral, at no extra cost to you. Any commissions I do earn through this blog enable me to continue to provide you with all this awesome, free content. Thank you.

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