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DoTerra sales funnel templateIf you are promoting a network marketing opportunity like dōTERRA, then one of the best things you can do to quickly grow your team and set yourself apart as a leader is to use a professional sales and marketing funnel with the marketing tools that dōTERRA provide you.

If you would like to use a funnel that is specifically designed for an MLM business then you can get my free dōTERRA marketing funnel template by clicking this link here.

Once you click the link above, you will be taken to the page in the screenshot below.

The Clickfunnels share funnel template signup page

If you already have a Clickfunnels account then just log in and the funnel will automatically be pulled into your account. If you don’t yet have an account then just click the button to get a 14-day free trial. The dōTERRA marketing funnel template will then be pulled into your account.

Once you have the funnel you will easily be able to customize it to your needs by using the simple drag and drop editor. Alternatively, you can use it as it is and you’re ready to go.

Why use a marketing funnel for dōTERRA?

Talking to friends and family, attending network meeting and trying to convince people that they should join your team is exhausting.

Yes, this approach does work, but there are actually people on the internet actively looking to join an MLM business. Others are even specifically looking to join the dōTERRA opportunity. So, why not put your business square in front of the people who are actively searching to join?

However, when a person is actively looking for an opportunity or a team within an MLM opportunity, they will want to sign up under a team leader who looks like they’ve got it together and can teach them a thing or two.

That’s why you need to use a professionally designed funnel template specifically for an MLM business.

To get the free dōTERRA share funnel template, use this link

If you’re starting to exhaust your list, you’ve talked to all your friends and family and the people in your street, or maybe you’re a persons who do not feel comfortable talking to people you know about your MLM business, then you’ll need to turn your attention to the internet in order to grow. However, once you do you will be extremely glad you did as there are literally millions of people you can reach online.

Did you know, around 96% of people nowadays search online when looking for a product service or business opportunity? That’s staggering!

Having a professionally crafted sales funnel for your business will mean that you will be able to get in front of these people and start recruiting on auto-pilot.

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Other advantages of using an MLM funnel

Once you have the template you will also be able to share it with your team members to also help them grow their teams.

All you need to do to share the funnel with your team is to give them the share link for your funnel once it is in your Clickfunnels account. You can find the share link in the settings tab of your funnel.

Here is a screenshot of what it will look like so you can find it easily.

Clickfunnels share funnel template link

Once they click the link, in turn, will also be taken to the same page above to create a free trial Clickfunnels account.

As they opened their account using your share link you will then receive a monthly commission from ClickFunnels for each team member that has signed up through your link.

An additional revenue stream

Not only is ClickFunnels a leading sales funnel software provider (it’s pretty awesome), you will also earn a recurring 40% commission on every team member who signs up to ClickFunnels under you.

So, not only will you be able to grow your dōTERRA team 10X faster, but you will also be building up a nice monthly recurring income with ClickFunnels, too!

ClickFunnels also offers other incentives to their affiliates, such as their Dream Car Contest.

Basically, once you’ve recruited 100 people to ClickFunnles through your link, the company will buy you your dream car. To find out more about the ClickFunnels Dream Car contest click here.

They also provide other excellent tools and resources to quickly scale your business online. If you want to learn how to 10X your business within 30 days then you may also like to read my article on the 30-day One Funnel Away Challenge.

Get a ClickFunnels Account for $19 Per Month

You will need to have a ClickFunnels account to use this funnel template. You can sign up for a 14-Day free trial here, import this funnel template and start using it straight away to generate leads for your business.

After the 14-Day free trial period you will be billed monthly for your ClickFunnels account depending on which plan you signed up for. However, if you only want to pay $19 per month after the 14-Day free trial period then watch my video below to find out how.

You can see my article on getting ClickFunnels for $19 a month for more information.