ClickFunnels Design – 4 Ways To Get a High Converting Funnels

ClickFunnels Designers and design school options

ClickFunnels is an awesome piece of software, but there is a bit of a learning curve in order to be able to create sales funnels that not only look great but actually convert your leads into customers.

Of course, funnel design is an important part of that.

While there’s (a hell) of a lot to be said for effective sales copy, if your design looks amateurish then you’ll either make very little or no sales.

Design is a somewhat overlooked aspect in the marketing world. However, having a killer funnel design can be the difference between your product being passed up by your prospects and them jumping at the chance to buy from you.

If you’re reading this then you probably already get that you need a good funnel design. In this article, I’m going to give you the four ways to get an awesome funnel design.

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Funnel Design – 4 Ways To Get An Awesome Looking Funnel

Hire a ClickFunnels Designer

If you have more money than time then you can hire a certified ClickFunnels designer.

This would be a good move if funnel design is really not your thing, but you need to create a more complex funnel like a membership or ecommerce funnel.

Now, it is important to know there are different levels of funnel designers when it comes to ClickFunnels.

The absolute top level would be to go to a ClickFunnels certified partner. These folks have gone through a rigorous twelve-week training program in order to become a certified partner. They also need to stay up to date with the latest training in order to remain a partner.

While this will definitely be the most expensive option, you have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with someone who has been trained directly by ClickFunnels and is also recommended by them.

Depending on your needs, expect to pay at the very minimum $5,000 if you go down this route. I have also heard of some certified partners charging as much as $25,000 for a single funnel design, so this route is not going to be cheap.

If you want to find a certified partner then you can take a look at the ClickFunnels consultant’s page.

Get The Funnel Builder Secrets Package

the complete Funnel Builder Secrets package

Funnel Builder Secrets is the only discounted training package that ClickFunnels offers.

With a value of $11,552 for all the training and bonuses that this package provides, you pay just a fraction of that.

The Funnel Builder Secrets course is already responsible for creating several millionaires who have been through the training and applied the methods. It’s a complete business in one bundle offer.

A big part of this package is having access to everything you need to know about designing sales funnels that not only look like a professional design agency made them but funnels that also have a high conversion rate.

For those entrepreneurs who like the idea of this package but who still do not have the time to learn funnel design themselves, all you need to do is buy the Funnel Builder Secrets package and give the funnel design modules to your VA or tech person to build the funnels for you.

With this package you also get access to Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets course as well as his Funnel Hacks Master Class. You also get access to Funnel Scripts (which is some pretty cool software that writes all your sales copy for you), as well as access to the ClickFunnels software on the enterprise plan.

All this saves you a small fortune on your ClickFunnels monthly membership. You can see the discounted Funnel Builder Secrets pricing here.

Join a ClickFunnels Design Academy

If you’re interested in learning funnel design yourself but you want to join a school specifically for sales funnel design then there are a few good choices out there.

Personally, I recommend the CF Sales Funnel Mastery school by Doug Boughton. Doug is a seasoned FunnelHacker and a master at sales and marketing funnel design.

Doug’s online funnel design school teaches you everything you need to know about designing amazing looking funnels that convert. He also teaches you how to get your clients and manage them throughout the design process.

You can get free access to Doug’s course by following this link here.

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Learn Through Trial and Error

The last option is to try to figure it out yourself, but I do not recommend it if you want to get your funnels built quickly.

Personally, I found it fun to go down this route, but it’s the long way round.

While there are also hundreds of other people who have done exactly this, it will take quite a while to master funnel design without someone showing you exactly what to do.

That’s why the best way forward is to buy the Funnel Builder Secrets course or join a ClickFunnels Design Academy like Doug Boughton’s.

However, if you’re planning to learn it all yourself then be prepared to have a lot of staying power to master funnel design.

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