Best WordPress Plugins For Affiliate SEO and Blogging

If you do affiliate SEO to make money online or if you’re interested in this business model then the likelihood is you’re gonna be using WordPress for your website.

In my opinion (and many other successful affiliate marketers) WordPress is the best platform to use for affiliate SEO for the following reasons:

  • It’s very easy to use and manage yourself
  • WordPress is by a huge number of people so it is very easy to find someone to help you with any tech issues
  • It is very easy to find a VA who knows how to use WordPress when you come to outsourcing
  • There are a huge number of great WP plugins (many of which are free) that can make a huge difference to your business

There are many more reasons why I would recommend WordPress, but for this article, these are the most important things to consider.

So, with that said, what are some of the best WordPress plugins to help you with affiliate SEO?

Over my 7+ years as an affiliate, I’ve tried and tested a huge number of different plugins. Some are a must-have while others are pretty bad and can actually harm your website and your rankings.

I could list quite a few great WP plugins here, but I’m just gonna talk about the plugins I use that can help more specifically for affiliate SEO.

So here are my top 12 WP plugins for affiliate marketing. Some of these plugins are totally free while others are paid plugins.

My Top 12 WordPress Plugins For Affiliate SEO & Blogging

WP Zero Bounce

WP Zero Bounce is a cool little plugin that can be used for several different reasons and in different ways to help you make more money as an affiliate.

Basically, WP Zero Bounce is a redirect plugin. Its main function is to redirect your site visitors to a chosen page when they hit the back button. You can redirect them to an internal page on your site or even to a page on a totally different site.

Why use WP Zero Bounce?

Firstly, using this plugin can help to reduce your bounce rate. Unfortunately, most site visitors don’t click through to other pages on a website. They usually find one of your articles and either hit the back button almost immediately if it’s not what they’re looking for or read your article then hit the back button.

The problem is, even if your article is what your site visitors are looking for, once they hit the back button without clicking through to any other pages on your site, Google will log this as a “bounce”, which will put your bounce rate up.

The higher your bounce rate, the more Google thinks your article is not what the visitor is looking for and, therefore, not relevant to the keywords you’re ranking for. So, having a high bounce rate can mean a demotion in Google search, which sucks…

Another cool thing you can do with this plugin is to redirect visitors to a pre-sell article on your site. This will give them more of a chance to see your offer and take you up on it.

You can also set the plugin to redirect to an affiliate offer instead of to your pre-sell page. Personally, if I do this, I only set this on pre-sell articles, which are written to promote a specific product. This way it is not jarring for your site visitor to be redirected to random pages.

If you do this, be aware that some affiliate programs don’t like people to do this, whereas others don’t mind at all. So, to be on the safe side, read through the T&C’s of the affiliate program before redirecting your visitors to them.

In my experience, I’d say you will also have a higher conversion rate if you were to redirect a person to a pre-sell page on your site or a bridge page in your funnel rather than just redirecting them directly to the affiliate offer.

One more word of warning for this plugin, don’t use it on every page of your site (unless you’re doing the SerpShaker method taught in the SEO Affiliate Domination course.

I tested this on one of my sites that gets around 2,000 visitors per day. After about 15 days I started to lose rankings. When I checked Google Search Console I saw an error about unnatural redirects. Fortunately, I disabled the plugin before it caused an issue with my site and the rankings came back after about 20 days.

I have tested the same thing on sites with low volume traffic, around 100 visitors per day and there are no problems.

WP Zero Bounce is a paid plugin, but it is very reasonably priced. You can check the price here.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is awesome! I was very late looking at Thrive Themes and all the cool products they offer to WordPress users. That was a huge mistake. If I could go back in time, I would buy Thrive Themes earlier in my career.

Thrive Leads is one of several plugins that come with your Thrive Themes purchase. While you can purchase Thrive Leads separately, it makes far more sense to just become a Thrive Member and access all of their products and services. It is definitely worth it in my opinion.

So, what does Thrive leads actually do? Its main function is to help you collect leads and grow your email list. However, you can also use it as a popup, ribbon banner, slide-in, and more to also collect leads, send someone directly to your pre-sell page or bridge page, or even directly to an affiliate offer.

Using Thrive Leads you can also create funnels, collect leads, and then offer your site visitors the opportunity to buy your products or even an affiliate offer.

Here’s an image of a Thrive Leads box I’m using on my site at the moment.

a picture showing all of my bonus offers for ClickFunnels

Check the Thrive Themes price here.

Thrive, Architect

Thrive Architect is another excellent plugin provided by the folks at Thrive Themes. This plugin is very easy to use and helps you to create great-looking landing and pre-sell pages. You can easily add buttons, images, videos, pros and cons boxes, review boxes, and more.

Basically, you can pretty much style your pages exactly how you want them. This is another must-have tool for affiliate SEO’s to help improve your conversion rate.

Here’s a video all about Thrive Architect by Shane Melaugh, the founder of Thrive Themes.

There are several more awesome plugins that Thrive Themes provide which can help you, such as the Thrive Quiz Builder. You can check them all out here.

Hello Bar

If you are not looking to purchase Thrive Leads just yet, then another cool plugin you can check out is Hello Bar. But if you have Thrive Leads then you won’t need to use Hello Bar.

With Hello Bar you can create banners, ribbons, and slide-ins to help you collect email addresses or send someone directly to an affiliate offer.

I like Hello Bar because you can start using it for free and it’s very easy to use. On the free account, you are limited though to how many site visitors you can have per month. If you need more then you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account.

If your site is in the early stages or is just not getting much traffic yet then you can start using Hello Bar and upgrade to using Thrive Leads once your traffic and income builds.

Here’s a screenshot of a Hello Bar slide-in I’m using on my site at the moment.

an example of the Hello Bar popup

Check out Hello Bar here.

KK Star Ratings

The KK Star rating plugin adds a rich snippet start to your SERP listings and allows your site visitors to vote on your content.

Rich snippet stars have shown to increase your click-through rate (CTR) by as much as 40%. This is great news for us. So, even if one of your articles is lower down on page one of Google search (say, no5 for example), this plugin will help attract more people to click on your listing.

This plugin is free! 🙂 Check it out here.

List Category Posts

Use this plugin mainly to create a sitemap for my website. Google wants to see all websites using a sitemap where a person can access every article on your site from one page.

Having a sitemap on your site not only helps to keep you in Google’s good books, it helps them to crawl your site and index your pages more easily.

This plugin is free! 🙂 Check it out here.

NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster

This is a cool plugin that allows you to hook up your site to your social media platforms. Then, each time you publish a new post, the NextScripts plugin will automatically post your article to your social media accounts.

This, of course, saves you time, but it also creates a backlink to your individual articles from the social platforms. Of course, these backlinks are not especially powerful, but it all helps!

There is a free and paid version of this plugin. You can check it out here.

Pretty Links

This is the link clocking tool I use on all my sites. Search engines don’t particularly like hop links very much, so you can sue the Pretty Links plugin to create a neater looking link. This is also known as link cloaking.

A really important feature of Pretty Links is that you can set the links to no-follow, which you should ALWAYS do when you link to an affiliate offer.

Pretty Links also allows you to track the clicks of your links so you can see which ones your site visitors are interacting with.

There is a free and paid version of this plugin. You can check out Pretty Links here.

Table of Contents Plus

This is a great plugin to help improve user experience, but it also gives a nice SEO advantage.

When you use this plugin, you can add a table of contents for your articles, which will help your visitors navigate your posts to find what they’re looking for more easily.

You’ll also notice that the table of contents is also hyperlinked to different sections in your article by headings and sub-headings. It’s these hyperlinks that can help give you an SEO boost. Just make sure you use some LSI keywords in your headings and sub-headings 😉

Check out the plugin here.

WP Statistics

I do use Google Analytics but I also like to use the WP Statistics plugin to see exactly how many visitors are coming from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc each day.

The plugin can show you quite a bit of info, including the number of overall site visitors, search engine referrals, your top-visited pages, the latest keywords people have searched for to find your site, and their geo-location.

This is a pretty powerful plugin and it’s totally free! You can check it out here.

Google XML Sitemaps For Videos

This is another plugin I really like. I add a YouTube video to most of my articles for several reasons:

  • Google loves YouTube (because it owns it) and, therefore, it is suspected that you may get articles indexed more quickly in if has a YouTube video (which will mean that Google can then earn more money form add clicks)
  • If the YouTube video I add to my site has my primary keyword or part of my keyword in the title of the video then it can also help my article rank in Google search for that keyword also
  • Google likes media-rich content and adding a YouTube video is an easy way to do this

So, where does this Google XML Sitemaps For Videos plugin come in..?

Well, Google loves sitemaps as it makes it easier for them to crawl and index content. With this plugin, you can create a sitemap for the video (as long as you’re publishing as a post, not a page) and then ping Google to come to crawl your new article.

Once you do this, Google will come to crawl your article much more quickly than it otherwise would have, which will help your new post to get indexed more quickly 🙂

This is another free plugin. Check it out here.

Yoast SEO

Probably the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. Yeah, I also use it too, however, sometimes I do also use the All In One SEO Pack for some sites.

With Yoast, you can set it up so you can have full control over your SEO titles, create an XML sitemap to submit to Google Search console, control which pages you don’t want to be indexed, and more.

Check out the Yoast SEO plugin here.

What A Great Affiliate Product To Promote?

If you’re looking for more great affiliate products to promote then I can highly recommend GrooveFunnels.

It’s one of the newest landing page and funnel builder software programs on the internet and it’s taking the market by storm.

It converts well and it pays great commissions.

I wrote an in-depth review of the GrooveFunnels affiliate program here.

Final Thoughts

There are a load of helpful plugins out there if you’re using WordPress for affiliate SEO. This list is by no means exhaustive, but they are the main ones I’m using at the moment.

Be careful not to add too many plugins to your site as some of them can be very resource-hungry and slow your site down. So try to keep your plugin list lean and make sure you update them frequently.

Which plugins do you use for affiliate SEO? Let me know in the comments below.

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