SteveHi, my name’s Steve, I’m an entrepreneur, online marketer, and the owner of funnelhacksecrets.net.

I first got started in the online marketing world in 2013 when I got fed up with not getting enough clients for my conventional business and still needing to work a part-time job just to make ends meet. I decided I had to learn how to market my business online if I want to survive.

Fast forward a few years, and having learned a great deal about SEO and online marketing, my “brick and mortar” business is now thriving and I also own several businesses online which each earn me a passive income.

After spending several years learning SEO I also went into local SEO client consulting for a few years, which was lucrative. However, before long I realized that it just wasn’t the right business model for me. SEO client consulting is great, but it still made me feel like I had a boss, like I was answerable to someone else. Personally, affiliate marketing and creating my own products suit me better.

On my journey, I also discovered the awesome tool ClickFunnels (as if you couldn’t tell) and use it in my business. While some sales funnel programs are better than others, I personally like using ClickFunnels for the reasons I share on this blog.

Regardless, using funnels online will make a massive difference to you and your business. While I’m currently favoring ClickFunnels, I will also be reviewing other brands out there as well as many other online marketing tools and resources as this blog evolves.

I hope you find my blog interesting and useful. If you have a comment or a question do feel free to reach out to me either by posting a comment on any of my posts or shooting me an email over on my contact page.


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